A comedy-adventure, starring TV legends Corbin Bernsen and Shirley Jones, "On the Wing" follows the misadventures of four teens who attempt to foil a plot by a slick oilman, Dirk Diaper (the fantastic Dan DeLuca) and a corrupt politician, Senator Sally Atkinson, to destroy bald eagles to obtain the oil beneath their nesting grounds. The Film is full of laughs, drama, and physical comedy, with a dash of social activism. With climate change being an ongoing political issue, the film seemed to take a pro-renewable energy-source stance.

Strong performances

A feel-good family comedy with an environmental message, the film also featured Brennon Tolbert as Will Ryburn, a 16-year-old heir to an oil fortune and the son of a Presidential candidate, Senator Jeremy Ryburn (Bernsen) and three newfound friends Will met at a Student Congress Program in Washington D.C.: Tanisha Reid (Patrice Harris), Ally McAllister (Kendra Jain), and Javier Reyes (Diego F. Salinas). Jones and Bernsen were fabulous in all their scenes, and I liked veteran character actor Kevin Jiggett's turn as Will's professor.

Harris had a strong scene where she talked about social activism as it related to Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.

Comical Delights

One of the many delights of the film was comical, yet villainous Senator Sally Atkinson played with Disney-villain verve by Mary Agnes Shearon. Shearon's performance evoked the comical villains in Disney's 1975 "The Apple Dumpling Gang". It was great to see Jones on screen as Grandma Ryburn.

DeLuca's Dirk Diaper, complete with a white ten-gallon hat and matching suit, was the funniest white-clad comic villain since Boss Hog from TV's "The Dukes of Hazzard". Diaper was bad, but in a comical way; he was not overly scary for the kids in the audience.

Kudos to Directors Jerry Casagrande (also the writer) and DeLuca for the fantastic cinematography and sound work. With fantastic locations thanks to the Virginia Film Commission, including Richmond, Virginia's State House, this is definitely a film that inspires and educates.

This wonderful film is excellent family viewing and can be found on many different viewing platforms, just in time for the Christmas Holiday Season.

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