Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel formed a very close relationship last summer on “Big Brother 18” and fans have been anxious to see how things would go for the two of them outside the “BB18” house. Shortly after the finale, Nicole visited Corey in Texas, and now it was time for him to visit her in Michigan. What's the latest from this couple dubbed “Nicorey” by their supporters?

Nicole and Corey are dealing with a long-distance relationship

As “Big Brother 18” viewers know, Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks are facing a long-distance romance if they do intend on fully transitioning their showmance into a full-fledged romantic relationship in the real world.

So far, the two have played coy regarding whether or not they're truly dating or just friends, but Nicorey fans have felt sure that this is a romantic relationship and love the two together.

However, Nicole and Corey do face a distance issue as he lives in Texas and she lives in Michigan. Franzel and Brooks had a blast during her visit to Texas during the fall and they spent a few days together in Canada over Halloween to do some fun appearances with fellow "Big Brother 18" castmates Paulie Calafiore and Zakiyah Everette.

The two “BB18” stars had talked quite a bit about how he would visit her in her hometown of Ubly in early December and the time for that visit has finally arrived.

Nicorey has reunited and fans are anxious for updates

Nicole recently tweeted about the upcoming visit from Corey and Brooks confirmed that the trip was a go when he shared a short video via Twitter showing that he's now at Franzel's place.

He showed a bit about where he's staying at her parent's house and “Big Brother 18” fans cannot wait to see more updates as he shares his impressions of Ubly. Nicole is always the first to joke about how small Ubly is, and Corey doesn't have much experience with Midwestern winters, so this trip should be filled with plenty of comical moments.

What comes next for Corey and Nicole?

The “BB18” Nicorey fans don't really know, and there has been plenty of talk regarding the status of this relationship. Despite the rumors swirling, Franzel and Brooks are together now and it looks like they're both pretty excited to be reunited. Chances are good that additional updates will be shared on social media throughout the trip and their fans will be analyzing every post for hints about how things are going.

Nicole and Corey have talked about additional visits they are hoping to schedule with one another, but right now the focus is clearly on Brooks' trip to the Franzel home in Michigan.

What will come next for this “Big Brother 18” couple? Nicorey fans are rooting for this duo and can't wait to see how this trip goes for Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks.

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