Oscar winning actor Nicolas Cage has been offered the role of Ronald Reagan for a new biopic movie. Will he accept it?

Nicolas Cage offered role of Ronald Reagan to replace Will Ferrell

Nicolas Cage has been known to take any role that comes his way. He's reportedly being picky and is contemplating whether or not to take on the role for a new biopic film on 80s president Ronald Reagan, concerned that it might ruin his career. Originally, Will Ferrell was scheduled to play the role but dropped out this past spring because two of the late president's kids slammed the film, suggesting that it was being marketed as a comedy and he was going to portray Reagan as senile.

Cage's rep, Stephen Huvane would not comment except to say it's in the early stages and nothing has been determined yet. The movie depicts President Reagan in a flattering light and it is infuriating liberals.

Cage is the hardest working actor in Hollywood

2016 marked an extremely busy year for Cage. He's been in five films this year including 'Army of One,' 'USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage,' 'The Trust,' , 'Snowden' and 'Dog Eat Dog.' The next film he's in will be 'Arsenal' which was originally titled, 'Southern Fury,' a crime thriller directed by Steven Miller. It's being released on January 6th, the day before Nic's birthday. It is considered the sequel to 'Deadfall,' which was directed by Cage's brother, Christopher Coppola, who is also in the film.

Nic plays Eddie King, a mob boss in the film. In 'Deadfall' he also played Eddie and both of his characters look identical with the fake wig and prosthetic nose.

Nic just finished working on the sci-fi film, 'The Humanity Bureau,' a futuristic film about a global warming disaster set in the year 2030, which was shot in Canada earlier this month.

He plays agent Noah Kross, a caseworker seeking to appeal the exile of a single mother to a new colony. He also has another film in the works called, 'Siberia' an Abel Ferrara film which reunites Cage with Willem Dafoe from 'Dog Eat Dog.'

He was also scheduled to play the role of Grug in the animated sequel to 'The Croods.' The project got canceled earlier this year by Dreamworks.

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