Nick Viall's engagement to "The Bachelor" winner in season 21 is "not great" at this point, according to Reality Steve's latest update on the couple. On Thursday, the spoilers blogger answered several questions from people on Twitter about the show and provided bits of information on what he knows.

Update not encouraging

One of the Twitter users asked Reality Steve how Nick Viall is doing with the girl he picked at the end of "The Bachelor." Steve wrote that he's heard "some things" about how they're doing, and it's "not great." Nick and his fiancee have been engaged well over a month now since the show wrapped just before Thanksgiving.

Another fan asked Steve if he thinks Nick Viall's engagement to the winner will last, and responded, "not a chance." This isn't surprising given the fact Steve has declared all along that Nick is in this for the fame and not to find a wife -- he's interested in pursuing an acting career and not much else.

One fan weighed in and told Reality Steve that he claimed the same thing about JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers, but they're still together. Steve responded by saying its only been seven months they've been together: "give it time."

Doom for Nick and his fiancee?

Steve typically sees doom for "Bachelor" couples and he's right most of the time. In the instance of Nick Viall, however, he's claimed all along that it's all for show.

While the show was filming, Steve blogged about his sources telling him for months that Nick was obsessed with making great television and was laser-focused on winning fans over as being the best "Bachelor" in the history of the series.

When the show begins airing, a lot of stories will come out of the woodwork about Nick Viall and how things are going for him behind-the-scenes with the woman he picked.

No one gets to see first-hand who he picks until March, but he's in the middle of having a secret relationship with the winner now. Sources tell Reality Steve that it's not looking good for the couple at this point. Will that change or get worse once the show airs?

"The Bachelor" 2017 premieres Monday, January 2 on ABC at 8 p.m., ET/PT.

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