Happy Saturday "Young And The Restless" peeps. We finally got a couple of new scoops in for the very first episode of the new year, which lands this Monday, January 2nd, 2017. We've also got a new preview/spoiler clip (below) to go along with it, so we're going to get you pretty informed on what's to come in two days. We've got Hilary receiving a call that's just going to blow her freaking mind! Some sort of big, medical emergency is going to take place with Devon, and more!

Will he survive this?

I'm going to start Monday's edition off with this whole Devon situation. It turns out that he is going to get into an accident that's extremely serious, because our Soaps.com sources, reveal that he's going to have to get rushed to the hospital emergency room to get all his injuries sorted out!

Will he make a good recovery? This is the big question that's left hanging in the balance, right now.

She wastes no time

Next, we learn that someone is going to give Hilary a phone call to tell her about the devastating Devon news. And this is going to really rattle Hilary, prompting her to jump in her car, and race against the clock to make it to his bedside as quickly as humanly possible! There's no doubt that these two,heavy storylines will deliver up some major drama to kick off the new year.

Reed wants to stay

We've got one more written spoiler scoop for the January 2nd installment. We're going to see Reed, revealing a desire that he does want to stick around longer. Will he get that chance?

We'll have to wait and see.

Chelsea really wants things to work out

Now, we look to the sneak peek clip. It shows us some very passionate stuff, going on with Nick and Chelsea. First, we see some major kissing action, followed up with Chelsea, pitching to Nick that things should get better between them two, and Nick responds with an "I hope so." I guess that's a promising reply, but it certainly doesn't scream positivity.

Victoria's ready for something new

Towards the end of the clip, more details of Devon's tragedy is revealed. We learn that he was in a major car accident, and he's spotted, undergoing extreme procedures to try and revive him! Hilary is spotted at the hospital, crying over his very serious condition! We also see that Victoria is ready for new adventures to begin when she's seen, talking with Adam.

Sharon is seen, begging Dylan to not go. Check it out, below, and stay tuned.

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