Alright, so the Thursday "young and the restless" episode is in the books. That means it's time to find out what the Friday December 9th, 2016 episode has in store for us. Luckily, you've come to the right place, because I just happen to have about 5 or 6 juicy storyline spoiler teasers for you guys. You have the TV Guide and people to thank for these wonderful reveals. We're definitely about to see the drama get pushed to another level when Hilary puts in a lot of work in her attempts to totally screw Mariah over! Jack's latest vicious plans, totally shock the hell out of Ashley, and more.

Somebody's getting called out

According to the synopsis teasers, the show is going to cap off the week with Dylan, starting to think that maybe, getting dirty is the way to go. So, look for him to start bending the rules a lot more if he decides to act on this new line of thinking. Next, we learn that Sharon is going to be very concerned about what's going to happen in Chelsea's future as they describe that she will give Chelsea some major confrontation heat over it. So, it sounds like we may very well see some extreme sparks fly out of that scene.

Someone might get majorly sabotaged

Elsewhere, they reveal that a major feud is only about to get even more heated. This feud is between none other than Mariah and Hilary.

So, it sounds like that particular situation is about to get taken to the next level for sure, especially when I reveal this next line of scoopage. At one point, we're going to see Hilary busting her butt to put in all the necessary work to ensure that Mariah's first day of hosting the GC Buzz, is filled with major sabotage hell!

Shame on Hilary. Shame! Shame! Also, that particular feature is going to give everyone a look at the new 2.0 line from Chelsea.

A hostile take over plan is in effect

And for the final teaser of this Friday, December 9th, 2016 installment, it's revealed that Fenmore's is about to catch some major trouble heat, because Jack is in the midst of plotting out a huge, hostile takeover operation of the place.

If that's not enough, we also learn that Ashley is going to catch wind of this vicious scheme, and it's going to totally shock the hell out of her! So, we'll see how she deals with that. It sounds like we'll be seeing a whole lot of drama throughout this one.

Alright, that's the conclusion of our big spoiler reveals for tomorrow's show. If you feel like you need some additional scoops, you might want to make sure you check out the show's official Youtube page, later on today, as they should have a new promo clip ready for you guys that will, more than likely, feature new scenes and teasers. Stay tuned.

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