Alright, "young and the restless" fans. Thanks to the wonderful folks over at TV Guide and, we're going to be able to serve up about six,juicy spoilers for the upcoming December 6th, 2016 episode, and boy do they sound pretty intense in some of the situations, especially with Travis, because he's going to be crossing some major lines with Victoria. Victor is going to get very suspicious, thinking that some heavy trouble is on the way, and more!

Danger creates heightened senses

This one will be the 69th episode of the 44th season.

Wow, 44 seasons. Anyways, lets go ahead and dive, head first, into these new Tuesday, December 6th, 2016 teasers. It turns out that we're going to see Victor get pretty paranoid, or is he? Whatever the case, he's going to think that some major trouble is on the way!

Travis just goes to far

Next, we learn that some major drama is going to go down with the whole Travis and Victoria situation as they describe that he is going to cross the line with her at some point, so that should give us quite an entertaining scene to look forward to.

Then we'll see things start to look up for Dylan and Sharon's current situation as it's revealed that an opportunity is going to come, knocking at their doorstep. It sounds like it could make for an interesting arc.

Faith longs for Nick

Elsewhere, we're going to see Nick, being sort of a stud as Faith will have an intense desire to want to go back to him, so we'll see how that will all play out this week.

In another scene, we'll see Travis, spilling some pretty important details as he decides to confide in Abby. He's going to tell her exactly what his plans will be in regards to trying to get Victoria back.

Someone gets pretty flowers

Lastly, the final scoop, reveals that we'll see Victoria, arriving to her desk to find that it is covered with flowers, so maybe this is part of Travis' elaborate scheme to win Victoria back.

It certainly sounds like it could be. We'll see.

Well, that's going to wrap up the big teaser scoops for today. However, be sure to look out for the show's daily spoiler clip, later on. They usually release it on their official Youtube channel. The clip should deliver up some good visual details, and also sometimes, includes scenes that are not covered in the written synopsis, so you'll definitely want to check that out. Stay tuned.

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