Yep, "Young And The Restless" fans. It's most certainly true. The people over at CBS are officially done with your favorite soap for 2016, so the new Friday, December 30th, 2016 episode, basically doesn't exist, because they will not be airing a new episode tomorrow. What's really strange, is there doesn't seem to be an apparent reason why other than they just felt like wrapping up this week with today's episode. They're also doing this with their Bold And The Beautiful soap tomorrow, so I guess they're just done with soaps for this week and this year. The only soap that will be new tomorrow, is "Days Of Our Lives."

They're taking you way back in time

Anyways back to the Y&R situation, CBS is going to air an old episode that originally aired way, way back in 1984 that featured Nikki and Victor's wedding day with surprise guests and lots of danger for the Genoa City residents, so if you want to take a 32 year trip back in time, then go ahead and still tune in tomorrow, because this will be the show for you.

However, if you don't, you'll definitely want to start making some new plans, right now.

Mariah and Hilary just keep going at it

We do have a bit of good news to go along with this whack rerun stuff. The wonderful people at, dug up a few teasers that we can expect to see when Y&R shows back up in 2017. In this first reveal, we learn that things are not going to calm down ,at all, when it comes to this heavy rivalry that's going on between Hilary and Mariah as they describe that it's just going to get cranked up even more! So, definitely get ready to see even more sparks fly with that whole situation to get the New Year started.

Don't mess with Jill

Next, we learn that Jill is not going to be in the best of moods ,at some point in time, as they say that someone is going to really piss her off, and that this certain person is definitely not going to get away with whatever they did to cause her so much anger.

Instead, this someone is going to end up, paying a very big price for what they did, so there's going to be some heavy trouble for this person in that scenario. Unfortunately, they didn't mention who this is, so we'll just have to guess for now.

More trouble for Nick and Chelsea

Finally, in this last scoop that we got, we're going to see some intentions get misread or misinterpreted ,at some point, with the whole Chelsea and Nick situation, and it sounds like it'll cause some very unfortunate consequences to occur, because they reveal that it will result in their special connection getting challenged.

In other words, that means there's going to be a freaking problem that arises between these two love birds. Stay tuned.

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