Ok, guys. It's Tuesday morning, so you know what that means, right? It means that I'm about to blow you away with some very shocking and intense spoiler scoops for tomorrow's "Young and The Restless" Wednesday, December 28th, 2016 episode. We've got some scandalous revenge plotting, taking place with Mariah as she's really ticked off. Theres's some big New Year's Eve party bashes going on, but for two people, it will end in a lot of dismay when they end up, jumping down each other's throats over something, and more!

Her wrath is coming

The wonderful folks over at TV Guide and Soaps.com, helped us collect these very intriguing reveals, so hand claps all around. Now, this is going to be a three plotline edition, but sit tight, because two of these are quite heavy. Lets see here. Lets start with this Mariah situation. Though they didn't mention any names, we're guessing Hilary is about to get some heavy revenge action coming her way as they describe that Mariah is going to be very busy ,scheming up and plotting out ways to enact this said revenge.

Given all the problems she's encountered with Hilary, we just naturally assume that this vengeance plot will most certainly be directed at her, so definitely keep and eye out for that.

These two need to just calm down

Next, we've got some New Year's Eve action, going very wrong after the ball drops in Times Square. Apparently, Chelsea and Nick will be busy, engaging in a pretty low-key party at their house, and everything will seem pretty hokey-dokey.

However, it most certainly isn't going to stay that way as they describe that this very calm evening will turn extremely dramatic and in a shocking way too, culminating with these two, totally blowing up at each other to serve up a very confrontational scene! TV Guide describes it as sparks flying, while the Soapcentral peeps, say that the boiling point will get reached. So, uh oh. Make sure you get prepped for that one.

There's a party going on right here

In this last teaser of the day, things seem pretty relaxed as they just describe that we'll be seeing a big get-together with various residents of Genoa City. They're all going to hit up up the Abbott/Winters Foundation charity gala to ring in the New Year with a big celebration party, so it sounds like it'll serve up some lively scenes. And who knows? Maybe some one will pull out a gun to make things interesting. Just kidding, but that would be good, wouldn't it? Anyways, stay tuned.

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