Hey guys. Welcome to Christmas Eve,Eve if that's even a real thing. You know? Like the day before Christmas Eve? Anyways, forget about that. Listen, we've got a couple of Monday, December, 26th, 2016 episode spoiler goodies for CBS's hit soap: "Young And The Restless." It's going to be a new week with some new drama as Ravi is going to get highly pissed off by Ashley when she starts pressing down on his emotional buttons, so to speak. And we're going to see some actual reality get thrown in Dylan's direction, and more.

Somebody might get put in check

To kick off the Monday, December 26th, 2016 spoiler session, we'll elaborate as much as we can on this Ashley and Ravi situation, which won't be much as we were given some very vague details from our sources.

But basically, it sounds like we're going to see a conversation of some sort, go down with Ravi and Ashley. However, things will certainly turn left when Ashley starts saying things that work Ravi's last nerve as they describe that she will definitely push his buttons. Will Ravi put her in check? Only time will tell.

Wake up to the facts

In this second and last storyline reveal that we have for Monday's installment, we've got an interesting-sounding situation going on with Dylan. It turns out that we're going to see a moment where he finally becomes privy to what's really going on as they describe that reality will finally sink in for him. So, that's good. It's never good to be walking around with a blind eye to everything.

Alright, so again. That's going to wrap up the Monday scoops, but we got a little extra something for you. These following spoilers will happen at some point during the week. We just can't assign them to a specific day, because our sources didn't indicate which day they will land on. But don't worry.

They still sound interesting as hell.

Nikki and Paul got a problem

The first one we'll go over, reveals that we're going to see a major, dramatic situation go down with Paul and Nikki that suggests we'll see some heavy confrontation action! To be exact, they describe that Nikki will indeed square off with Paul.

Unfortunately, they don't describe what the big argument is all about, but it'll certainly be interesting to find out when it airs.

Gloria goes on the hunt

Next, we learn that whatever Lauren is hiding, will be of great interest to Gloria as she will end up, expressing a great desire to find out exactly what the hell it is. So, look for Gloria to become more active in that endeavor at some point during the week, and stay tuned.

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