Alright, "Young And The Restless" fans. It's time to go over a few spoilery dishes for the upcoming Friday, December 23rd, 2016 episode. It's the big holiday one that's going to cap off the week, and we've definitely do have lots of Christmas things going on. A little bit too much if you ask me, but whatever. It looks like we're supposed to see the town get blessed with some sort of miracle. The Newmans get a visit from Connor and Chelsea. Supposedly, the true meaning of Christmas gets brought up, and we know that's always important, right? We've got to throw that in there every now and then.

Something very special for the town

So, lets go ahead and explore this miracle scoop ,a little further, to get things started. Unfortunately, our sources didn't really go into great detail about this miracle. They just said that a lovely Christmas miracle is going to be experienced by the people of Genoa City. We don't know if there are certain people in the town that will miss out on the miracle or not. I guess we hope that everyone gets a chance to experience it. Everyone needs a miracle in their life every now and then, right? But yeah. That's all we got on this whole miracle situation.

What's really important

Elsewhere, we learn that Victor's family is going to get taught some Christmas lessons at some point as they describe that the true meaning of the holiday will get brought to their attention, so they can be reminded of it.

Will it give everyone the reality check they need? We'll have to watch, to find this out.

Chancellor Park gets a special guest

Next, they revealed that we're going to see a scene go down in Chancellor Park that features some Christmas caroling activity from a very special guest. This guest will be none other than the actress who played Annie in the 1982 "Annie" film, Aileen Quinn!

She will be doing a cameo appearance as herself, so that should make for a pretty interesting scene. No other details were described for this scene, so we'll have to wait and watch to know what all takes place.

The holiday unites certain people

Finally, in this last storyline, we're going to see the Newmans get a special visit for the Christmas holiday, because at some point, Connor and Chelsea are going to show up to join them.

Again, no other details were supplied for this particular situation, so we'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out when the show airs.

You guys might be able to see some extra details for this installment, later on today, if the show delivers a new promo clip for it on their official Youtube channel, so be sure to look out for that, and stay tuned.

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