Alright, it's Wednesday. You've made it halfway through the week, guys, so we're going to reward you with new spoilers for the upcoming "young and the restless" Thursday, December 22nd, 2016 spoilers. Once again, we were able to dig these up, via the folks over at TV Guide. The teasers seem pretty light, today. We only got about three of them. We might see a little drama, take place with this Jack and Billy situation as Billy will do everything he can to make sure Jack doesn't mess stuff up. Phyllis tries to make sure her future is secure, and more.

Extreme measures are taken

I'm going to go ahead and start off the December 22nd teasers with the plotline, involving Jack and Billy. It turns out that Jack is really going to work Billy's last nerve. Their description suggests that he has been causing a lot of problems for Billy as they describe that he will absolutely refuse to let Jack ruin his freaking Christmas. So, it sounds like he will definitely try to put Jack in check. Things could possibly get intense there.

Phyllis heavy preps for the future

In the next storyline reveal, we learn that the future is going to be a huge concern for Phyllis as they report that she will be quite busy, trying to map out how her future will play out. This storyline should serve up some pretty intriguing scenes I suppose.

Lessons are taught

Lastly, the final round of scoopage, reveals that the past is going to play a huge part in how Devon and Hilary operate from here on out as they explain that some mistakes that were made in the past, are going to have a huge impact on their current learning curve.

In other words, they're going to finally learn their lesson from the mistakes that were made. So, good for them. It sounds like a cheesy after-school special. Hopefully, the actual scenes won't come off like that.

Ok, guys. That's all the intel we have for this one. All in all, they seemed pretty relaxed, because of the holiday stuff that's coming up. Hopefully, after the holidays, the drama will get more intense.

I'm sure tomorrow's episode should deliver some other scenes not mentioned here, so be prepared for that. Also, you might want to check the show's official Youtube channel ,later on today, for an exclusive promo clip that will possible show some extra stuff.

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