Whoa guys. So, it sounds like we're going to see a lot of drama from this hot head Nick character in the upcoming Tuesday, December 20th, 2016 episode. In these latest spoilers scoops from both TV Guide and the Soaps.com crew, we've got Nick, getting into fights with both Sharon and Dylan at some point. And I'm like, bro, "you need to calm the F down." We're also going to see Christine, confront Paul over the Dylan stuff, and more! We're definitely going to see fireworks in this one.

Big search party launch

We've got about four or five juicy storyline scoops for tomorrow's December 20th episode.

Lets start with this Victor one. It turns out that we're going to see him get to the point to where he's just going to want to take matters into his own hands instead of waiting on someone else to do something. In light of this, we'll be seeing him launch a big search of his own, so that should be interesting.

Paul is a rock for Lauren

Next, we learn that Lauren is going to get some much-needed support from an old friend. And then we got the dish from Soaps.com that this old friend will be Paul. They say that Lauren is going to end up confiding in him, so be on the lookout for that scene to go down.

Nikki tries to break things up

Alright, so here's where things really get intense. In this next description, we find out that something is going to really pop off between Dylan and Nick, causing them to get all up in each other's faces.

If that isn't enough, we'll see Nikki have to jump in to help mediate or referee things. I'm really sure this will cause anyone sleeping, to wake right up.

Somebody's in trouble with Christine

The drama keeps on coming with this next reveal as we'll see Paul catch some heavy, third degree questioning heat from Christine!

It turns out that she's just going to get all up in his face to ask him about why he put Dylan in a situation where he could've been really harmed! Will he have a decent answer to give? Hmmm, I don't know. We'll have to tune in for that.

Where did Faith go?

Lastly, to wrap up this very informative session, it turns out that Nick just can't stay away from all the bickering action as he's also going to get into a heavy, verbal confrontation match with Sharon!

To make things worse, sweet, little Faith will end up, disappearing while all this fighting going on! Wow, what a mess we have in store in just one episode. Stay tuned.

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