Hey guys. Welcome to Friday land. In this land , we've got some fresh scoopage for the upcoming "young and the restless" Monday, December 19th, 2016 episode from our trusty Soaps.com peeps. However, this time, it looks like they were only able to procure 2 scoops for us for that day, but we do have some other ones, so sit tight for those. We're going to see some mad drama go down with Michael and Lauren at some point during this week. Meanwhile, Dylan will try to repair things with his loved ones, and more.

Jack gets some backing

To kick the week off, the Monday, December 19th installment is going to feature Jack, getting some good news at some point, because they describe that he'll be getting some support for whatever he's doing, and that support is going to come from Ashley.

How long will this support last? Only time will tell.

It's all about the family

Next, we learn that the whole family situation is really important for Dylan at this time, because he's going to be highly focused on getting that all restored and back to working order again. And that's it for the Monday episode. I'm sure that this hour-long drama will feature a whole lot more scenes than that. Be sure to look out for the promo clip on the show's official Youtube channel later on today. I'm sure it'll deliver more insights and scenes.

Jill gets checked

Now, we've got some extras for you. I just don't know which particular day that these scenarios will play out. They certainly seem quite intense and shocking though.

Apparently, picking on the Fenmores will be a big no, no for Lauren as she will end up, hopping to their defense at every turn when Jill decides to bring them up. So, it sounds like Jill will need to slow her roll when it comes to the Fenmores, at least, when she's around Lauren.

It's going to startle

Next, we've learned that Michael and Lauren's current reality, might not ever be the same after this particular moment, plays out. They're going to get thrown into total dismay from what they're calling, is a big holiday surprise! Unfortunately, they refused to elaborate on what this surprise is, but they made sure to note that it is going to definitely turn Micael and Lauren's world completely upside-down!

Again, this will happen at some point this week, so be on the look out for that big scene.

Alright, that's all we got for today's spoiler reveals, but be sure to keep checking back as some more stuff should pop up as the days keep rolling along.

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