Ok, everyone. Brace yourselves, because I've got some very juicy and shocking spoiler teasers for the upcoming Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 "young and the restless" episode to drop on you guys. Cane is going to get the seduction of his life from Lily's steamy attempt. And uh oh, It looks like Nick did something to make Chelsea feel like he just may not be the one for her. Sharon's latest efforts get thwarted by Chloe, and more.

Things could end sour here

Yes, there's going to be some very exhilarating drama going down tomorrow.

Lets go ahead and start with the whole Chelsea and Nick plotline. Something has happened, and it's not in Nick's favor. We're not sure what that something is, because these descriptions don't go into that much detail. Also, I forgot to mention that we got these spoilers from the wonderful TV Guide and Soaps.com peeps. Do a hand clap for them.

Ok, back to the two love birds. Yeah, it sounds like they could be in trouble, because Chelsea will start to have nagging doubts about him. Either he did something, or she's just being mental right now.

Whatever the case, there are some doubts that will be creeping into that whole picture.

Cane certainly gets an eyeful

This next storyline is really steamy and interesting, because we learn that , at some point, we're going to see Lily take all her clothes off for Cane in an effort to seduce the hell out of him. TV Guide said that this will be a seduction scene, and the Soaps.com, elaborated with the whole clothes removal part, along with saying that his treatment is about to start up.

The take-away from this, is make sure your kids aren't in the room for this scene.

Chloe steps up for Mariah

Next, we learn that Mariah is going to get thrust into what they're calling: the spotlight, so it sounds like we're going to see a huge moment or event, take place, at some point, which should be pretty intriguing. In another scene, we learn that Mariah is also going to get some help from Chloe as they describe that she will stop Sharon from picking on Mariah this time.

Devon, just admit it

To cap off the storyline scoops, it's revealed that Hilary is going to express a huge desire for Devon to just admit that he was actually wrong for once. There's nothing to really add to that. I guess we'll maybe see if Devon will appease her wishes at some point, or not. Stay tuned.

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