Happy Friday "young and the restless" viewing gang. I'm back here, writing a new article for you guys, because I was able to dig up some new storyline scoops for the upcoming Monday, December 12th, 2016 episode. I've got five, new ones to be exact, thanks to the Soaps.com crew. We're definitely going to see the drama get even worse between Hilary and Mariah. At one point, we've got Hilary, attempting to discourage the hell out of Mariah! We'll also be seeing Jack, contemplating something that could be very risky, financially, and more!

Couldn't he just wait until her shift is over?

To get this December 12th, 2016 teaser party started, I'll begin with this Nick and Phyllis spoiler. It turns out that we'll be seeing Nick, not being able to wait until Phyllis gets done with her work shift to see her, so he's just going to interrupt her while she is on the job. That should serve for a very interesting, little scene.

Three ladies are very busy

Next, we learn that the trio, featuring; Chelsea, Sharon and Chloe, are going to be a very busy group of ladies, because they will be putting in a lot of work, trying to get ready to premiere their new line.

Hopefully, nothing will interfere with their precious moment.

Someone gets told they're a freaking disaster

Elsewhere, we're going to see tensions get even crazy hotter between Hilary and Mariah as they describe that their wild rivalry that they've got going, is going to intensify! If that's not enough, it's revealed that we're going to see Hilary, take her cruelty to a whole other level with Mariah when she tells her that she is just going to be an utter disaster on camera, and that she should just give up and walk away while she still can!

Will Mariah have enough internal self esteem to survive this very negative Hilary onslaught? We'll just have to wait and see.

Bad business dealings might happen

Then finally, to wrap up the spoilers for this Monday's episode, we're going to see a situation in which Jack gets presented with a business venture that they're describing as being extremely risky. They didn't elaborate on what this business actually is.

Currently, we just know that it definitely has a ton of risk attached to it, and it turns out that Jack is still going to consider, jumping into it! So, uh oh. I think that could set up a pretty intense arc if he goes through with it.

Alright, guys. That's going to do it for this upcoming Monday scoops. However, later on today, the show is expected to release a new preview, promo, spoiler clip. Or whatever you want to call it. Basically, it will feature some visuals of some of the scenes that I just described and maybe some that I didn't describe, so might want to check that out on the show's official Youtube channel this evening.

Stay tuned.

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