So, yes. Just like the headline said, you "Westworld" peeps can definitely rejoice, because not only did HBO give your favorite show the season 2 green light. They did it pretty early too, like around the middle of November 2016 according to an HBO press release that I received in my inbox and the folks over at TV Line. There's also even a new spoiler teaser that's out for you guys to start thinking about. I'll elaborate on it towards the end of this article.

Great things were said

First, I want to get all the announcement details out of the way. Casey Bloys, who is the chief of HBO programming, said some very positive things about the show, saying that he was thrilled to be able to renew the show for another season.

He also mentioned that it has done well with the critics. The show averaged big numbers, drawing in around 11.7 million viewers per episode. Apparently, that's better than their already established shows like: "Game Of Thrones" and "True Detective."

They're giving you another 10

This great news also means that you fans can look forward to receiving new spoilers, sneak peek clips, cast interviews and all that great type of content in the upcoming weeks and months. Also, we were able to find out that the episode order for season 2, will be the same as season 1. So, yeah. They'll deliver up another 10 episodes in 2017 for you guys.

The Man in Black could be back

Getting back to the spoilers, I did mention that there is one already out on the loose, so lets go ahead and jump right into that one.

In another, recent TV Line article, they revealed that actor ,Ed Harris, who plays the mysterious Man In Black, chatted up the BBC Radio 4 press people, telling them that he will definitely be involved in the 2nd installment. Apparently, the co-creators of the show: Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy ,confirmed this information with him.

This is also when they said they will be doing the 10 episodes.

Something might pop up this week

Right now, that's the only solid season 2 spoiler that we can claim. There is some speculation out there, claiming what season 2 could possibly feature, but speculation, is all it is. We should get some new, official stuff as early as this week, because i"m sure there will be plenty of press outlets, attempting to drag some initial teasers out of the producers.

We'll stay on the lookout for those, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

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