Ok, so we've got some new teaser intel for the new episode 8 of The Walking Dead's current season 7, and I believe that this is where we're really going to see some more wild stuff go down. We got about three, short storyline spoilers that really pack a punch, claiming that crazy Negan is going to show back up in Alexandria. And this time, I don't think it's going to end without somebody getting killed as they mention that things will really get out of control, and more!

The title doesn't say it all

These new spoilers are courtesy of the AMC folks by way of TV Guide, so you have them to thank for this very intriguing set of scoops that I'm about to drop on you guys. Lets go ahead and start things off with the title of this thing. It's labeled: "Hearts Still Beating." We can only hope that everyone's heart will still be beating after this fiasco comes to a close. It certainly doesn't sound like it will, though.

A few have left for a while

According to the official plot summary, we're going to see some of the other members, go out to try and scavenge the area in an effort to get their hands on some supplies.

These members that they mention, are most likely, part of Rick's crew, according to the way it reads. Unfortunately, they don't mention the name of the members, so we'll just have to wait until the show airs to find that out, I guess.

Uh oh, here he comes

Next, we learn that super crazy Negan is going to return to Alexandria. Well actually, the way they describe it, suggests that he may have already shown up, as they say that his unwelcome visit "continues." So, maybe he shows up, at some point, in episode 7 tonight, and then his visit continues in episode 8.

I just watched the promo for episode 7, and Negan is definitely going to be in it, but the scene that they show of him, doesn't show him in Alexandria, so we'll still have to wait and see if he travels back to Alexandria in tonight's show.

The tension might be too much this time

Anyways, we know that he'll definitely be there in the next one, and they reveal that tensions are going to be extremely high this time around, and it doesn't sound like things will end without some sort of fight or killing going down, because they say that things are going to swiftly spin way out of control!

Also, this one might be the Winter finale. It's not confirmed yet, but the 8th episode has always marked the Winter Finale, pretty much every season that they've have had 16 episodes. We'll definitely have confirmation of that, next week. Speaking of confirmation, we can definitely confirm that this latest episode is due to air next Sunday night, December 11th at 8pm central standard time, so be sure to make note of that, and stay tuned.

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