Alright, "Vikings" supporters. We're happy to tell you that we've got a couple of new spoiler treats for the new episode 14 of season 4, via the TV Guide folks. However, this time, it's not as many as before. They only gave us a short, two storyline scoops that involve more of Ragnar as he interacts with King Ecbert, and gets a startling outcome. We're also going to see Lagertha in action as she carries out something that she's just been longing to get done for ages now.

A life-long dream comes to fruition

They came up with a pretty lengthy title for this one, naming it: "In the Uncertain Hour Before the Morning." They're definitely trying to tell us something with that much word real estate. Anyways, getting into the synopsis. It turns out that Lagertha has a very long-running goal or ambition that she's been wanting to fulfill or carry out. And it sounds like we'll be seeing her be a very happy women before this episode ends as they describe that she will finally get what she's been asking for.

A very unexpected agreement

Next, we learn some very interesting stuff is going to go down with this King Ecbert and Ragnar interaction. At some point, Ecbert is going to serve up a concession to Ragnar that will be quite shocking and very unexpected. So, yeah. That definitely sounds like it'll make for some very intriguing set of scenes.

We're pretty sure that this hour-long show will totally deliver more scenes and storylines than this.

Unfortunately, this puny synopsis is all we have to work with, but definitely be on the look out for some possible promo clip spoilers after episode 13 completes its airing tonight. I'm sure it'll provide more details and a visual look at these written scoops.

The Saxons could be in for it

Also, we've got some new intel on a storyline that happens in one of the future episodes. Apparently, we're going to see a big plot against the Saxons go down, so be on the lookout for that.

We can also confirm that episode 14 will, indeed be airing next Wednesday night, December 21st at 8pm central time. Stay tuned.

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