With the end of the year fast approaching, audiences will start to get the first looks at some of the tentpole films to be released next year. This continued over the weekend with new trailers for "Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2", the follow-up to Marvel Studios' 2014 hit, and "The Mummy", the Tom Cruise-led reboot that looks to launch a wider world for Universal's catalog of movie monsters.

You must be so embarrassed!

As mentioned, Star-Lord and crew are back in the second teaser for "Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2", offering an extended glimpse as to the kind of action in store for the team.

While it still holds back on the story for the gang this time, it does show off more of the action and humor that fans recognize from the first film, courtesy of director James Gunn. It also teased at some of the music to be featured in the film, with the trailer set to Sweet's "Fox on the Run", keeping it in step with the first film, along with a first look at Mantis, the newest member of the team.

The real stars of this trailer were easily Baby Groot and Drax. Both characters stole the trailer, having big moments that will certainly endear them more to audiences.

Of the two, Baby Groot gets the most screentime, as he spends nearly half of it with Rocket as he explains to Groot the dangers of hitting a certain button for them and the team. Drax's big moment comes as a result of Mantis, who shows off her abilities at the cost of Star-Lord's ego. Drax breaks out into a pointing and laughing fit, which proves too infectious to ignore. All in all, "Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol.

2" is shaping up to be a worthy sequel when it releases May 5, 2017.

I saw her, she is real

The second trailer mentioned was the debut teaser for Universal's upcoming reboot of "The Mummy", which will look to kick off the studio's own cinematic universe to star their roster of movie monsters, including Dracula and the Wolfman. While it doesn't go into deep detail of the story, it does offer glimpses of a film that Universal hopes will mesh some of the old horror themes associated with these characters with the action-packed films Tom Cruise is known for.

The biggest takeaway from the trailer is the first real look at the titular mummy, played by "Kingsman" and "Star Trek Beyond" breakout Sofia Boutella, who looks to reign down chaos on the streets of London after she is taken from her tomb and awoken. The other piece to this universe that is seen for a split second is Russell Crowe, who will portray Dr. Henry Jekyll, though it is not clear if his monstrous alter-ego, Mr. Edward Hyde, will be making his first appearance as well. While it remains to be seen as to whether or not this film will deliver and launch this new universe, it certainly looks to be primed for a big debut when it releases on June 9, 2017.

More to come

While these were the newest trailers to release, there are still more to come over the coming weeks, as many of next year's biggest films will have trailers attached to "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story". Some of the ones to keep an eye out for over the next few weeks include "Transformers: The Last Knight" and "Spider-Man Homecoming", along with plenty of surprises to help close out 2016 and welcome 2017.

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