Alright, so we got these new teasers scoops straight from the big MTV folks themselves. They're for "Teen Wolf's" latest, upcoming episode 5 of season 6. Some very intriguing and mostly dramatic stuff will be going down, judging from what we've been able to gather from this pretty short synopsis reveal. Yep, they kept it short, once again. We only got about two plotline scoops to share with you guys for this one. It turns out that Stiles will get a very unexpected friend in the midst of all this madness.

Also, Scott and the crew, discover something really important about Stiles' jeep, and more.

A new, surprise friend is added to the mix

You guys want to know what the title of this next episode is? It doesn't matter what your answer is, because I'm just going to give it to you anyways. They've named it: "Radio Silence." The synopsis spoilers, reveal that we're going to see that Stiles is still trapped inside, what they're calling, the Wild Hunt, but things might start to look up for him, because they also reveal that he's going to get some help from someone he never expected to get help from.

Unfortunately, they didn't elaborate on who this person might be. They just describe he or she as being an unexpected ally.

A very important connection is exposed

In the last storyline reveal, we learn that Stiles' long lost jeep, might actually serve as a huge connection to his recent disappearance. Apparently, Malia, Lydia and Scott, find out this very significant intel after digging around a bit.

Those two teasers should serve up some pretty interesting-looking scenes.

We're sure there's more scenes than that

It's a one-hour show, so I'm sure it will feature a ton of other scenes. If you want to catch a glimpse of those, you might want to make sure to check out the new promo clip that MTV should be dropping for it ,later on tonight, after they air the 4th episode. These promos almost always deliver extra details that aren't revealed in their very short and vague, written descriptions.

MTV's official "teen Wolf" episode guide page, also confirmed that we can all, expect to see this new "Radio Silence" episode to make its debut exactly one week from tonight, which will land on Tuesday, December 13th at 8pm central standard time, so be sure to get that date written down on something, or commit to memory, and stay tuned.

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