Hey, "Survivor" fans. I'm very happy to be able to deliver the good news to you that your favorite reality show, has indeed been renewed for a brand new season 34. If that weren't enough, we've got the entire spoiler intel about who will be competing, along with the theme, thanks to the wonderful people at Inside Survivor. It turns out that we're going to see some very recognizable returning players back on our TV screens for this one. It could almost be called an all-star season with some of the names I'm seeing.

We got a bunch of supposed Game Changers

First of all, lets get to the title of this new installment. They're calling it "Game Changers: Mamanuca Islands." It's going to feature 20 returning players that changed the game in some way when they played in their season. At one point, the producers, apparently went through a couple of different themes before deciding on the current one. Some of the names that were being rumored, were: "Winners vs. Best to Never Win" and "Winners vs. Jury vs. Pre-jury."

The latter theme was the latest to go through the rumor mill before being proven to be false.

That actually happened back in May 2016, because they film these things way in advance, so they can have them edited and ready to air in about two months after the current season ends.

As for the new season, the producers will be the ones who decide how the tribes get divided up. Now, lets get into revealing this new cast. Brace yourself, guys. There's some big names in here, because they've got a few winners thrown into this mix.

Winner J.T. Thomas is back

With no further ado, here are your season 34 contestants: Andrea Boehlke from Redemption Island and Caramoan seasons. Brad Culpepper from Blood vs. Water. Aubry Bracco from Kaoh Rong. Caleb Reynolds: had to get medevaced in his appearance. Ciera Eastin: She competed in Blood vs. Water and Cambodia. James "J.T." Thomas: He won Tocantins and competed in Heroes vs. Villains.

Cirie Fields: She showed up in the Micronesia and Heroes vs. Villains seasons, and finished in 4th, 3rd, and 17th place.

Here comes Ozzy again

Jeff Varner: He participated in the Australian Outback and Cambodia installments and finished in 10th and 17th place. Debbie Wanner: She finished 9th in her run. Malcolm Freberg: He showed up in the Philippines and Caramoan installments and came in 4th and 9th place. Hali Ford: she played in Worlds Apart and took the 11th spot. Ozzy Lusth: he was a runner-up, 9th and 4th place finisher in the Cook Islands, Micronesia and South Pacific runs.

Two time winner Sandra is on the roster

Michaela Bradshaw: He went out in 14th place during the recent Millennials vs Gen X installment. Tai Trang: took the 2nd runner-up spot in the Kaoh Rong run. Sandra Diaz-Twine: she will be a really interesting one as she won in every season she competed in! She took the Pearl Islands and Heroes vs. Villains title. Next up, is the cop Tony Vlachos: he won the Cagayan season. Sarah Lacina: came in 11th place for her efforts. "Troyzan" Robertson finally gets his second shot, coming in 8th place during the "One World" take.

It's set for March

Sierra Dawn-Thomas is returning as a 5th place finisher from the "Worlds Apart" cast.

Lastly, we have Zeke Smith, who went out in 9th place for the recent 33rd season. So, yeah. We've got a very interesting mix of people in this cast. It'll certainly be interesting to see how the winners perform and if Sandra can actually pull out a 3rd win. I imagine she could be a big target to start off with, having already won 2 of these things, which is quite difficult by the way. The 34th installment is due to premiere on Wednesday night, March 8th, 2017. Stay tuned.

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