Hey, my "Supernatural" pals. Listen, there's some unfortunate stuff that's about to happen with the show, so the new episode 9 of season 12 official spoilers will remain in limbo until CW decides to cough that press release for it. Here's the thing. They might not be doing that for a while, because the show is about to take their big seasonal break that they do every year, and is currently not expected to be back in new episode action until Thursday night, January 26th, 2017, so be sure to write that date down on something important to keep you reminded.

We're totally in the dark right now

It gets a little worse, guys. Not only are there no spoilers that are currently in sight for episode 9, we couldn't even dig up a title for it, anywhere. We're usually able to, at the very least, locate some sort of a title for the next installment, but right now, we're totally in the dark. All we know, right now, is that the January 26th date that I mentioned earlier, will be a special day if you know what I mean.

We even went as far as to search for some possible casting calls that the show might be holding, which is usually a last resort for me, and we still got nothing.

Everything beyond the show's winter finale episode 8 that's airing tonight, is being kept a tight secret at the moment.

Possible teasers could come tonight

Now, there is some good news that I think I might have as early as tonight. You see, CW usually always, without skipping a beat, drops a new promo/spoiler clip for their next episode that's coming up. If they follow suit, then we should be seeing a new clip for the 9th installment, show up.

If it does, we could possibly see a title, but that's not always the case. However, that's not essential. What we really want is the spoilers, right? And that's what the clip always delivers, so you'll definitely want to look out for that later on tonight.

Definitely something new this week

One last thing, while there isn't any scoops at the moment, we're about 99.9 percent sure that something will turn up later on this week when the press, hounds the producers to give up something that can quench our spoiler appetites.

And that's when we'll swoop right on in there and get those bad boys. Stay tuned.

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