Alright, "Supergirl" fans. Here is what the situation is. Unfortunately, the show has run into one of their big long,extended breaks, so the new episode 9 of season 2 will not be apart of the CW primetime line up, tonight. This happens every year around this time, so it's not a huge surprise. It was just a matter of when. What's pretty shocking, is that CW didn't leave us with their usual promo clip for the next episode. They usually do this, but not this time. They must be trying to keep things secretive for now, I guess, or they were just lazy.

Whatever the case, they didn't get it done, so we got nothing for you.

Get ready for Christmas specials and reruns

Anyways, if you tune into to CW, tonight, all you're going to get, is a freaking rerun of the season 2 premiere episode 1 that is entitled: "The Adventures Of Supergirl." If any of you guys missed the premiere, then tonight is your night to get caught up on it. However, I'm guessing for most of you die-hard fans out there, have already seen it, so you'll probably want to pass on it.

Also, next week, CW is just going to be airing some cheesy Christmas special in the 7pm central time slot, so you'll probably want to tune out for that unless you're one of those festive Christmas types that likes to watch cheesy Christmas cartoon specials.

If you are, have at it. I won't be mad at you. Beyond next week, we have no idea what CW has in store as our immediate schedule doesn't extend out past 13 days. What we are sure about, is that episode 9 isn't arriving until that magical 16th day of January 2017.

There's nothing yet

As for any spoiler intel, we again, were left with very little as the show failed to produce a promo/spoiler clip. This is rare as most of the CW shows do leave out with ,at least, the promo, going into long breaks like this.

Currently, all we have is the title for episode 9. It is labeled: "Supergirl Lives."

The next one pays homage

According the people over at Trakt,tv, this title has some significance about it as it pays some sort of homage to the script that was written by Smith for a film that was called: "Superman Lives." The movie was never produced, so I guess that's sort of sad. It sounds like it might have been interesting.

Anyways, maybe it'll live on through this latest installment, since they have similar titles. Who knows?

It's definitely possible that CW could drop a new promo teaser and official press release for "Supergirl Lives" at anytime, so we'll definitely be looking for it, so keep checking back.

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