Hey, "Shameless" peeps. Man, am I more than happy to let you guys know that we're definitely getting a new season 8, which means new spoilers are soon to follow. However, the show's leading actress, Emmy Rossum aka Fiona Gallagher, made this year's renewal notice, extra special, because there are reports that she caused quite the fuss, raising up issues with the show that she wasn't getting paid enough. This had apparently, caused a slight halt in Showtime's decision to renew it, and things were looking pretty bad.

The series was ,reportedly, in major jeopardy

There was talk of the series, getting canceled and what not for a good couple of weeks.

Then, about 4 days ago on December 14th, 2016, the Deadline.com news team, lifted our spirits by reporting that Emmy had finally settled her money issues with the network. The story is that the studio offered her main co-star, William H. Macy aka crazy Frank Gallagher, more money than her. How she found that out, is very interesting too, as I would really like to know how that happened.

The issue was

Anyways, Emmy had a problem. A big, big problem, because she actually wanted to get paid more than Macy, since she puts in more screen time than him and carries more of the show's storylines. Finally, the studio gave in a little bit by giving Emmy the same amount of pay as Macy gets, so they're on equal footing now.

The argument for Macy's case, was that he has three Emmy nominations, has been nominated for an Oscar award in the past. He's also won an SAG award, and is nominated for another one this year.

Filming starts in May 2017

Again, luckily, all this money mess got cleared up and we can now, focus on a new season.

Emmy hit up her official Twitter account on December 14th to confirm the new season by saying that's she's very grateful to be able to play the role, and that she's due back on the set, to do it again in May 2017!

Currently, "Shameless" is one of Showtime's highest rated shows in the 18-49 demographics.

Only their "Homeland" drama series, beats them in the Live, same day ratings. It's possible that we'll get some initial season 8 spoiler teasers this week when all the press outlets, hit up the producers for some intel. And I can only guess when season 8 will premiere, especially since they decided to change up the usual schedule with season 7 when they moved it to October instead of the previous January debut. It's probably safe to assume that we'll be getting another 12 episodes. Stay tuned.

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