Hey, my "Shameless" family. Listen, it's about to be over guys. This is the big season finale episode 12 of season 7, and we got some good 411 spoilers on what's about to happen. Once again, we got a pretty generous amount of teasers, via the TV Guide folks. One of these, sounds really bad, saying that a loss is going to occur in the Gallagher family! Oh, and things are about to get even more juicy with Kev and V as they plot out a scheme to enact vengeance upon Svetlana, and more!

Uh oh, who's dead?

They've really outdone themselves with the title of this season's send-off, calling it: "Requiem for a Slut." After reading it, I was like, "Uh, ok," coupled with a slight giggle. Anyways, lets go ahead and go over these very interesting synopsis teasers. It turns out that a big loss is going to occur within the Gallagher family, and they'll be having to deal with it. It sounds like some of them will be confused about how to handle it as they describe that they will wrestle with mixed feelings and what not.

My guess is it's probably Monica, because she seems like she could definitely be expendable. Heck, she only just showed back up in the latter part of this season.

Frank gets the family involved this time

Anyways, next we learn that , not surprisingly, Frank is going to come up with another one of his crooked schemes. However, this time, he's going to, somehow, rope Liam, Carl and Debbie into helping him out with it!

Wow, I wonder how much money he had to pay them for this one. You know he had to give them something, because he's on their S list right now. More so than ever before.

Can Lip get it right this time?

Alright, so this next teaser is getting a little bit tired, because it really feels like we're in replay mode with this one. They tell us that Lip will, once again, try to take steps towards improving his future.

I could swear we've already seen this storyline just play out to no avail. However, giving it a second thought, I'm thinking what else could they have him do, because at this point, he really has nowhere to go, but up.

Somebody's about to pay the piper

And to cap things off, we're going to see Svetlana get a whole bunch of revenge heat thrown in her direction if Kev and V can successfully pull off their vengeance plot that they're trying to put together. It says that they do get their revenge on her, so it sounds like they will be successful in their attempt. Svetlana is really smart, so I imagine they'll need to be quite stealth in whatever actions they take.

Ok, so that's all the written stuff we got. However, be sure to check out the show's official Youtube channel later on tonight, because they should be dropping their usual, three sneak peek spoiler clips, which will certainly reveal new intel about the last episode of this season. Stay tuned.

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