Hey "scream queens" fans. Yep, it's true. It's looking quite dim for your favorite show as there are a lot of heavy talks that this production has run its course with the finale episode 10, tonight, and won't be getting a new season 3 from the FOX folks. The chatter that I'm hearing from most of the news outlets, is that the show did perform well in the ratings to start off with this season, garnering around about 2.4 million viewers, but after that, it just kept on plummeting, possibly indicating that the viewers weren't all that interested in the new storyline they came up with in regards to this whole Green Meanie situation.

Not enough viewers, dammit

As of right now, the show is barely cracking over a million viewers per episode, and for those of you who don't know, yeah that's really, really bad. About midway through the season, it was sitting on around 1.15 million viewers with a 0.5 demo rating. So, that sounds like maybe some of the more loyal/die-hard fans tried to stick with it, but just couldn't get into this new season storyline. Also, FOX never gave them an episode increase from its already very small, initial 10 episode order. The first season actually got a lot more episodes with 13.

Some positives

On a brighter note, the fans on IMDB seem to think this season is really great, overall, giving it a 7.2 rating out of a possible perfect 10.

These results are based on a total of 24,245 votes on the site. The only other bright news, if you want to call it that, is that FOX has not made an official announcement ,yet, to whether or not the show is canceled, which leaves a very slight glimmer of hope. However, if you're looking at this from a ratings standpoint, there's not really any hope at all.

Even the folks at TV Line are giving it a "long shot" rating on their renewal report card.

Lowest rated show right now

Currently, the just over 1 million viewers that the show gets, has made it FOX's lowest rated series, which will most certainly fire off cancellation bells in the ears of the FOX management team, if it hasn't already.

The speculation about the show's low ratings, is that people have grown really tired of the Chanel's shtick, and that they have found Jamie Lee Curtis' Dean Munsch character to be much less funny than in season 1. I personally love the Chanels. I think they're funny as hell, but it doesn't matter what I think.

Pray for a second chance

The only saving grace, has been reported to be actress Lea Michele's portrayal of crazy Hester Ulrich. Fans reportedly, really liked it. It's also believed that characters: Zayday, Chad and Denise didn't get enough screentime. Basically, the take-away from this article, is you guys better cross your fingers hard for a season 3, and hopeand pray that FOX bestows mercy on this show and gives it another chance, because that's what's going to have to happen for it to get a season 3 renewal.

It certainly won't be due to season 2's ratings performance. Stay tuned.

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