Alright, "Scream Queen" peeps. Next week is the big season finale episode 10 of season 2, and we've a couple of juicy spoiler treats to spill on you guys, via the FOX people. They delivered the official press release that features a few plotline summaries. As you can imagine, things are going to get crazy intense and suspenseful as they look to close out the season with a bang. We're go see some major revenge plans get set into motion for the big, bad Green Meanie! Dean Munsch's life is going to be very much on the line if Brock can't pull off this crazy dangerous surgery, and more!

Vengeance is the main thing going down

They've decided to go with: "Drain the Swamp" as title for this 2nd season finale installment. They started off their press release with an all-cap description that reveals that the Green Meanie is going to get his revenge. So, uh oh. That doesn't sound too good, and it will, most likely, be the main storyline.

They might want to watch their backs

They go on to elaborate that the final plans are going to get set into motion for this season's main serial killer to take out all of his vengeance!

That definitely sounds like it'll translate into a whole lot more killing for these CURE institute residence. Next, we learn that crazy Hester will, most certainly be in action. Her latest plans entail her, attempting to pull off something that they're describing as very bold. And whatever this action is, it's supposed to secure her future.

Brock better get it right

In this 3rd and last plotline scoop, they reveal that we could be seeing the last of Dean Munsch if Brock has even a tiny slip-up in this big surgery he's about to perform on her.

They say, it's a surgery that's quite necessary to save her life. However, they also describe it as being very dangerous! So, yeah. It definitely sounds like we're in for quite a wild ride in next week's finale.

Also, more visual spoilers should be coming your way later on, tonight, when FOX delivers the finale episode promo clip after episode 9 airs. You'll definitely want to be on the look out for that.

Currently, there's no word on a new season 3 yet. Hopefully, something will turn up before next week's airing. Speaking of next week, we can also confirm that episode 10 will be airing next Tuesday night, December 20th at 8pm central time, so write that down, and stay tuned.

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