Alright, so the new , official spoilers are for the upcoming episode 9 of "Scream Queen's" season 2, have been dropped. We have the nice people over at FOX to thank for this lovely reveal. This one, only gives us two scoops to work with in this synopsis, but they do sound like we could see some pretty interesting stuff , take place, as a big Green Meanie killer meeting gets thrown by crazy Hester at some point. The Chanels get to meet one of their big TV idols, and more.

This title is 'Lovin The D." Say what?

The producers decided to give this installment quite the interesting title, calling it: "Lovin The D." I'm not even going to go into what that title could imply, but it's really interesting that, that is what they decided to go with. It's actually most likely in reference to Dr., since these Chanel chicks are going to be fawning all over this character, Dr. Scarlett Lovin.

Chanels get all star struck

The synopsis explains that a new character, named Dr. Scarlett Lovin, will be showing up on the scene, and she's portrayed by none other than movie star legend, Brooke Shields.

She's going to visit the C.U.R.E. institute at some point, and she's described as being one of the Chanels' major TV idols. The Chanels will be so excited to meet her that they're just going to get quite overwhelmed by the moment.

Last murder schemes get discussed

Then, elsewhere, we're going to see crazy Hester, putting together a Green Meanie summit meeting, and it's revealed that the killer is going to plot out their final scheme!

So, that certainly doesn't sound good at all. It should serve up some pretty dramatic scenes as the season is almost set to wrap up. That's right. Episode 10 will mark the final episode for season 2. It sounds like they barely got renewed after season 1, because it actually offered up 12 episodes. Whatever the case, season 2 is definitely a shorter season.

As always, we expect FOX to deliver their weekly spoiler clip preview after episode 8 airs, tonight, so you'll want to be on the lookout for that.

It should reveal some additional information about the next installment, along with some visual intrigue to tide you guys over. The press release also confirms that the "Lovin The D" episode is definitely going to show up next week, Tuesday night, December 13th in its same 8pm central time slot. Stay tuned.

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