Alright, "scorpion" guys. It's time to find out what's about to take place in the new episode 11 of season 3, and it doesn't sound too good. If you guys read the headline, you know that, at some point, poor little Ralph, ends up getting stolen away! Things turn quite deadly for Walter and company when they run into some people that are just not very nice. We're also going to see a really important decision that's forced to be made by Tim, and more!

They thought they were going to have some fun

The producers chose to give this one the "Wreck The Halls" title treatment, and it sounds pretty appropriate, given the nature of this episode's plotline.

Speaking of the plotline, let's go ahead and get into the official one that CBS has provided us through their latest press release. It turns out that it's going to be Christmas Eve, and The Scorpion crew will be headed to the mountains to partake in what they think, will be just the greatest time they ever had.

Lives get majorly threatened

Unfortunately, the next thing we learn, is that their happy time gets very rudely interrupted by a gang of people that they are calling: Gun-Runners. I'm not really entirely sure what these folks do, but they have the name, gun, in their title, so that's good enough for me to think that they're definitely not on the up and up.

Also, the description says that they cause the Scorpion peep's plans to turn quite deadly! Yep. That's even more convincing.

They'll have to get Ralph back

And just when you think things couldn't get any worse, we learn that poor, little Ralph is going to get snatched up when the team tries to make their escape! They put these two storylines in all caps, so definitely look for those to take up most of the episode.

What will he choose to do?

Having said that, we've got one more plot spoiler to deliver. We're going to see Tim get faced with having to make an extremely significant decision in regards to his current position on the Scorpion team. So, hmmm. That definitely sounds really intriguing. It will certainly give us some entertaining stuff to go out on before the Christmas holiday break. We've got a few production credits to give out.

Scott Sullivan did the writing, and Milan Cheylov handled all the directing for this installment.

The press release also confirmed that this 11th installment is scheduled to show up, next week, Monday night, December 19th at 9pm central time, so be sure to pencil that date down on your TV itinerary, and look out for the new promo/spoiler clip to release after episode 10 gets through airing. Stay tuned.

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