A new television reality show will follow a New York City councilman on his journey to become mayor.

The show will look at the decision to make the leap to run for office

Republican New York City Council member Eric A. Ulrich has announced plans to contend with Mayor Bill de Blasio’s bid for re-election in next year’s election. However, Ulrich will go around building momentum in an unusual way, starring in his own reality show on television.

The show, which is currently unnamed, will showcase both Ulrich's home and family life, as well as focusing on his mayoral bid.

As Ulrich is one out of three Republicans on the 51-member Council, and is said to be the first Republican council member from Queens, the show aspires to focus on the culture-clash of Ulrich being in a prominently Democrat-influenced area. Added to that, Ulrich has not formally announced his bid for candidacy, meaning that early episodes of the show will focus on whether or not he will go through with running.

What is going on behind the scenes?

The idea of the show came about from Brad Trackman and Johnny Russo, who are both said to be freelance producers, and are working with the New York-based production company, Left/Right.

The company is no stranger to Politics in media, having worked on Showtime’s political documentary series “The Circus,” which focused on the 2016 presidential election. Trackman and Russo reportedly contacted Ulrich themselves with the idea for the show.

According to reports, Ulrich also received approval from the city’s Conflicts of Interest Board to ensure that his involvement within a reality show does not break the law or city regulations.

The show may air as early as 2017, but it still has not been greenlit by a network as of yet, and so is expected to shop-around after a pilot is produced. According to a released statement, Ulrich hopes that the show will be “a very funny show.” He also said that he hopes the show will serve as “an eye-opener ” for others in the Republican party.

It has been speculated that the idea of blending reality television with American politics may have been inspired by the fact that current President-Elect Donald Trump came to prominence in American media as frontrunner of the reality series, “The Apprentice.” That said, Ulrich has been vocal over the fact that he did not support Trump in the recent election, giving his approval to Gov.

John Kasich of Ohio.

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