Alright, "Quantico" guys. Unfortunately , it's one of those times, again, where we have to chime in and delivers some bad news. The new episode 9 of season 2 is something that will definitely be requiring your patience, because it's getting put on hold until the very last days of January 2017! Actually, it's going to be that last week of January, which is the 23rd to be exact, so be sure to write that date down, or commit it to memory. Apparently, last week's episode 8 was their Winter finale or something.

"Secrets And Lies" is on the menu

Instead, ABC is going to be filling up the Quantico time slot with a new episode of "Secrets And Lies," tonight. It's going to be their season 2 finale episode, which contains a first and second half. Judging from its description, it sounds like it'll feature a lot of heavy drama and intrigue, so if you're a fan of that show as well, tonight won't be much of an issue for you. However, if you're not, you'll definitely want to make some other plans for sure.

Monday nights instead

Then on next week's line up, ABC will be airing a special "Making Of Disney's Frozen Movie," because they're going to apparently air it in the 7pm to 9pm central time slots. If you're a fan of the "Frozen" movie, you'll want to tune in for that. The weeks after that, we have no idea what ABC will be offering you guys as that's as far out as our schedule info goes at the moment.

One thing's for sure, is that the new episode of Quantico won't be airing until that January 23rd date, which I just noticed, actually lands on a Monday. That's right, the show is moving to Monday nights, so that's another thing you'll need to make note of.

Shelby shouldn't be so sure

Recently, TV Guide did deliver a new spoiler scoop of sorts for 2nd half of season 2. They spoke with the creator of the show, Josh Safran, and he implied that maybe when Leon made his big confession to Shelby about murdering someone, that he was actually working her, and that it doesn't mean his going to tell her more of his secrets.

However, Shelby seems to think he's going to be more of an open book from here on out.

It's believed that Leon will still keep his secret about his Mexico prison stint, hidden. However, he might reveal more of what went down during his AIC recruitment. Who knows? We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime ABC did drop a new promo/spoiler clip a couple of days ago for the new episode 9, which is titled: "Zrotrch." I've include the clip, below.

A new spoiler clip showed up

In the clip, they tell us that things are about to go even more ballistic when the show returns, and features lots of scenes with Alex in action.

She's spotted, working hard to convince people she's not a terrorist. She's also seen, getting arrested and taken in, so things definitely don't look good for her at the moment. Shelby is spotted in action, claiming that she thinks she's found a key to unlocking the truth, and it caps off with more of the Alex stuff. Be sure to take a look at that, and stay tuned.

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