Even after the release of the trailer, fans looking forward to the release of the “power rangers” movie have had a hard time pinning down any particular details about the film other than the fact that a new group of actors become the Power Rangers and that there’s plenty of new twists on their abilities. A new crop of rumors has surfaced thanks to those who spotted the movie filming and what fans have put together from various reports.

It should probably go without saying, but, just in case, there are potential spoilers ahead.

Goldar is Rita’s big bad monster

Those who watched the 90s “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” series will remember Goldar. Though the costume was designed to resemble a sphinx with plenty of different animals used to inspire his look, for the show he was the flying monkey to Rita Repulsa’s evil witch. A minion who wasn’t particularly happy to work for her, he aided her monsters and sometimes took on the fight himself in an effort for evil to take over the world. He was also a frequent kidnapper of various Power Rangers.

The word around the water cooler is that this time around, he won’t be one of many minions, but instead, he’ll be the monster Rita really wants to use to take over the world. In fact, Rita’s quest in the movie is find enough of his “essence,” which is apparently gold from when he was previously defeated on Earth, to bring him back to life. It sounds like audiences might not get to see him fighting right away, but the idea of Goldar will be a huge presence in the film.

Rita is a former Green Ranger

All indications for the film so far have pointed to only the original five Power Rangers getting abilities from Zordon (Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue, and Black), but the series also introduced a major player in the Green Ranger, a person brainwashed into working for Rita Repulsa and eventually breaking out of the hold to join the rangers in their fight. The multi-episode arc resulted in Tommy Oliver, played by Jason David Frank, becoming a huge part of the franchise.

The character has appeared in more teams than any other Ranger.

For the film though, it looks like what fans picked up on when they saw Rita’s costume is true - she’s her own Green Ranger. A former Power Ranger who let the abilities and quest for power go to her head, she’s battled Zordon (who is also a former Power Ranger) in the past and has been imprisoned for millions of years. Upon finding her freedom, she uses the power she still has to set out to conquer the world.

Does this mean fans who wanted to see Tommy should lose hope? Nope. After all, the movie has new versions of all five of the original Rangers in play.

It’s probably a safe bet that if Rita is defeated, she’ll live to fight another day and find herself a new Ranger to recruit.

The Zeo Crystal will play a role

Even though the movie acts as a reimagining of “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” and not “Power Rangers Zeo,” the crystal that gives the Zeo Rangers their abilities might be getting a new spin in the reboot.

Each new installment of the “Power Rangers” television franchise has created new ways for the teams to receive or channel their powers. When one team found themselves turned back into children, the fractured pieces of the Zeo Crystal was needed to turn them back to adults, even though it had been scattered throughout time.

Rumor has it that the Zeo Crystal will actually be what helps power the Morphing Grid - the source of all Rangers’ powers - this time around. Rita, in addition to her quest to have Goldar cause destruction, wants that Zeo Crystal. If she gets it, it would provide her with the ultimate source of power.

Find out just how accurate all of the speculation and rumors are when “Power Rangers” lands in theaters in March 2017.

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