Alright, so yep. It's unfortunately true. Last week's episode 10, did indeed mark "Once Upon A Time's" midseason finale, so episode 11 of season 6 will be missing in action ,tonight, and for many more nights to come, because this show loves to take really long Winter breaks. When they take a Winter break, they really mean when the actual season changes, because they're currently not set to show back with the new episode 11 up until March of 2017. March 5th to be exact. You guys might want to just write that date down on something to remind you, because that's literally 3 months away.

Marry Poppins makes a comeback

Beginning tonight, ABC will be adjusting it's Sunday night line up to make up for the "Once Upon A Time" void. It might come in the form of a rerun or an old movie like what we're getting tonight. Tonight's roster will feature the airing of the classic "Marry Poppins" movie, which made its first debut, way, way back in 1964. It stars actress: Julie Andrews. Some of you guys might want to check it out. Those of you who don't, know what to do. Flip that channel, baby. Flip that channel.

Enough with all that bad news

Ok, so that was the bad news, guys. Now, lets flip the direction a little. The folks over at ABC were kind enough to give us a brand new promo/spoiler clip for episode 11, last week.

I've included it, below, to give you guys some sort of spoiler goodies to tide you over for now.

It's tougher than the rest

The episode is called: "Tougher Than The Rest," and we've also got a little teaser synopsis for it. It tells us that this installment will be the beginning of a whole new chapter, which I thought wasn't going to be the case this season.

They originally said that they were going to make this one a regular, straight-forward, season as apposed to these two-part split ups, which is why we have such a long, freaking break with this damn show.

The most epic one yet

Anyways, they're describing that this next chapter will be the most epic one they've had thus far!

It's going to feature more magic, romance, danger, and hope. All these forces are going to eventually collide with a ton of surprises that will be absolutely, what they're calling: spell-binding. So, yes. That definitely sounds really exciting. Too bad we have to wait forever to see it.

Emma's intense sword battle

Getting into the clip, we see Gold , saying that a war is coming to Storybrooke, and I say: what's new? It does feature some really intense scenes though. We also see another scene with Belle, confirming to Charming that someone is trying to kill Emma, so that's really bad. I'm sure major drama will arise, because they'll certainly have to do something to stop that from happening. Another scene, shows Emma really preoccupied, fighting an intense sword battle to save her freaking life!

Finally, the clip caps off with Robin Hood, agreeing with Regina to start some sort of new story, so that sounds quite interesting. Be sure to take a look at it, below, and enjoy.

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