Happy Christmas everyone. Lets just get right into it. It's bad, guys. Your "NCIS: Los Angeles" new episode 12 of season 8 is going to be missing in action, tonight. Apparently, the show is taking a bit of a hiatus for the holidays, so you can expect to see the new episode, finally show up on Sunday night, January 8th, 2017 at 7pm central time, so be sure you get that marked down on something.

Lucy, you have some explaining to do

In light of this unfortunate situation, CBS has made things worse by preparing a special "I Love Lucy" Christmas special rerun to show in NCIS: Los Angeles' time slot, so if you haven't already made other plans, tonight, I would suggest that you hurry up and do so right now.

But, hey. Some of you guys might be old school and like the "I Love Lucy" stuff. And you know what? I'm not mad at you. You go ahead and watch it until your heart is content.

Next week's schedule is looking pretty dim as well, because ABC will fill up the vacant time slot with a new episode of "60 Minutes" and "Ransom." Actually, I take that back. Those might be pretty entertaining, depending on which topics "60 Minutes" tackles in this one, and I have never watch "Ransom." Maybe it's good. Who knows? Anyways, that's what things look like for the next two weeks, so get prepped for that.

"Kulinda" is what they called it

Then after the break is over on that magical January 8th day, we'll see the 12th installment, which we do have a title for, because CBS was kind enough to drop the press release information for it, recently.

The producers made the decision that "Kulinda" is what it should be named. You definitely can't say that isn't a unique name. That's for sure.

Sam's doing a lot in the 12th one

Their official synopsis describes that we're going to see a big undercover operation go down with Sam as the main agent in action.

This thing is going to be put together, because a Navy reservist was murdered while attempting to keep a city councilman out of the line of fire. A private security firm is going to be the main target for this undercover plot, because it apparently has like several criminal organizations that it's link to.

So yeah. They definitely raise quite a few alarm bells with all that going on.

Big relationship talk

The big, second storyline, reveals that we're going to see actress ,Bar Paly, return to reprise her Anna role, which will entail her having another meet-up with Callen to have a very important chit chat session about where their relationship is headed, so that should be pretty intriguing. Unfortunately, CBS hasn't gotten a promo or sneak peek clip released for this one yet. They should get one out during the week that it's due to show new episodes again, so be sure to check their official Youtube channel during that time if you want to see it, and stay tuned.

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