That's right, "NCIS" fans. We ,unfortunately, have to tell you that you saw the last episode of 2016 with last week's 10th installment. That means the new episode 11 of season 14 will not be seen, tonight. However, you know, it's really not that bad, considering that 2016 is almost over, anyways, and the show is only taking a one week break. That's right. We're only going to have to wait until January 3rd, 2017 at 7pm central time to see the new 11th episode. We also some good spoilery scoops for it to share with you guys, so get ready for that.

They're showing episode 1 again

Before I get into that, I'm just going to go over what CBS' line-up will be for tonight.

It turns out that they're going to show the NCIS rerun of the episode, titled: "Rogue." It was this season's premiere episode 1 where a deadly car explosion was investigated. It also provided the introduction of new special agent, Nicholas Torres, played by actor Wilmer Valderrama. We also got our first look at Jennifer Esposito as special agent, Alexandra Quinn.

If any of you guys missed the premiere, tonight is the night to tune in, because that's certainly what's on the CBS itinerary today. Of course, I'm guessing, most of you are die-hard fans and have already seen this one, so this will ,most likely, be fair warning to find something else to watch or do.

Stock market terrorism goes down

Alright, now that we've gotten that nasty news out of the way, lets get into these official synopsis scoops that the CBS folks were so kind enough to offer up in their latest episode 11 press release.

First, we see that they have gone with: "Willoughby" as the title, so it's very unique. Next, we learn that there's going to be a very shady businessman on the loose, who is using terrorism in an effort to manipulate the stock market for his own financial gain.

They fail to pull it off

The NCIS is crew is going to attempt to go undercover to try to apprehend him.

Unfortunately, the plan is going to get compromised at some point, prompting the team to go in search of new leads.

Qasim returns for action

Finally, in this last reveal, we get some good news as it's described that Bishop and her main man, Qasim, will team up together at some point, and locate a major break in this case.

It looks like we'll see a lot of the scenes get directed towards the big undercover operation fail, because they really highlighted that part in all-caps. We also have some production credits here. Gina Lucita Monreal was hired to write this script, and the directing was done by Tony Wharmby, so be sure to give them a big round of applause if it turns out that you like this episode, and stay tuned.

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