Hey, "Legends of tomorrow" fans. CW recently gave us a ton of new spoilery goodness for the upcoming episode 8 of season 2. It looks like we've got at least 4 or 5 different storyline plots that are revealed in this latest press release from them, and they sound really interesting and drama-filled too. It turns out that Sara is going to face a very hard decision when professor Stein gets captured. The Legion of Doom crew, shows up to wreak some very annoying havoc, and more!

Earlier Chicago days get visited

Here's what they producers have labeled this thing: "The Chicago Way." I'm sure that's in reference to them, ending up in 1927 Chicago at some point. According to the official plot overview, we're going to see the Legends crew, discover a new Time Aberration, and go to 1927 Chicago.

However, they're going to quickly find out that was a mistake, because they've been set up by the mischievous Legion Of Doom crew, which consist of: Eobard Thawne, Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn.

Apparently, Malcolm has recently teamed up with them, making him their newest member.

A very sticky situation

Everyone is going to be under the impression that they're fixing the mission, and Stein will get encouraged by Jax that he should spill his secret to the other Legends crew members. After that, Stein gets kidnapped, leaving Sara, stuck with having to make a very tough choice of deciding to go hunt down the Legion of Doom, or go rescue Stein.

They don't mention what choice she makes, but it should be quite interesting to watch.

An unexpected guest for Rory

The last plotline teaser they revealed, features a surprise someone, paying Rory a visit. It leaves him so startled that he won't be sure what to do about it. We're also going to see characters: Atom, Nathan Heywood and Vixen, make an appearance. They don't say what they'll be doing in this episode, but they'll be thrown in the mix at some point.

Sarah Nicole Jones & Ray Utarnachitt wrote the script, and Ralph Hemecker was brought on to direct it.

Alright, that's all the written spoilers that we've got for "The Chicago Way" installment, but definitely be sure to check out the new promo clip that CW releases for it, tonight, after episode 7 completes its airing. It's also confirmed that episode 8 is due out next Thursday night, December 8th in the same 7pm central time slot, so be sure you've got that marked down somewhere, and stay tuned.

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