Hey, "Hawaii Five-0" peeps. Yes, sadly it's true. Your favorite show has seen its last days for 2016, so the new episode 12 of the current season 7 won't be shown, tonight. The next time you guys see a new episode, it will be a brand new year. In fact, we have an exact date to reveal to you, right now. Currently, we have the 12th installment, set to arrive on Friday night, January 6th, 2017 at 8pm central time, so be sure to write that down on your TV calendars. I guess they just decided to go out for the upcoming holidays.

Whatever the case, they're in the midst of a two week break.

You guys up for some repeats?

Now, I'm going to go over what CBS has in store for you guys as a replacement for the vacant "Hawaii Five-0" time slot. It turns out that they're going to fill it up with one of their reruns, tonight. It's the one that's titled: "Waiwai," which means "Assets" in English. It was the 17th episode to air in last season 6. So, they're going a ways back with tonight's offering. In it, the Five-0 team had to hunt down a Russian spy over some stolen flash drive drama.

For those of you who don't want to see it, I would suggest that you make some other plans real quick.

Next week, we'll be given more of the same rerun treatment with the airing of the "Ka Pono Ku'oko'a" aka "The Cost of Freedom" repeat. Again, they went back to season 6 to pull this one up from the dust. It was the 21st installment. It's the one where a major chemical spill, prompted the Five-0 crew into swift action.

They take Chin

Ok, so now, lets get into some episode 12 spoilery action. It's been given the title of: "Ka 'aelike," which means "The Deal" in English. The CBS folks were kind enough to deliver a couple of official plotline reveals for it, last week. In this first one, they describe that we're going to see a major kidnapping of Chin, take place by the vicious cartel over in Mexico!

Critical search and rescue action

This will prompt the Five-0 crew to launch and immediate search-and-rescue attempt for him before the clock runs out on his life, because he is due for a heinous execution over some revenge madness! Elsewhere, we're going to see a murder investigation get looked into by Grover. The details of this investigation, is that he'll go undercover as a car salesman, but things are going to get really tough for him as this thing is going to turn out to present way more complex and dangerous elements than he originally thought. Stay tuned.

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