Alright, so we got our first set of spoilers for the first 2017 episode of "General Hospital," which is actually going to land on this Tuesday, January 3rd, because ABC is going to be very busy, covering the huge 2017 "Outback Bowl" college football game between the Florida Gators and the Iowa Hawkeyes this Monday, January 2nd. But once all that's out of the way, we should see the regular weekday schedule return until some other major event pops up.

She's going to get something started

Anyways, back to the scoops.

We've got three good ones for you from our source, and we have some storyline teasers to cherry pick from a new promo clip (below) that we found for Tuesday's installment. First, lets go over the Julian and Alexis debacle. It turns out that Alexis is really going to need some tough questions to be answered, and is going to get all up in Julian's face to try to get those questions answered, and it will reportedly, result in a heavy confrontational scene, so that should be interesting to watch.

He keeps getting the 3rd degree from Liz

Next, we learn that Franco is going to get into a pretty serious conversation with Liz ,at some point, as they explain that she will have a lot of concerns that she is going to want to express to him. According to Soapcentral, these so-called concerns will have something to do with some fears that she's been having.

They seem so happy right now

Finally, in this last written reveal, we find out that there's going to be some scenes that feature Carly and Sonny, making a successful attempt to get their relationship back on track.

And to make things even better, it's described that they are going to grow closer than ever before. So, it sounds like they will certainly experience happy times to kick off the new year, but will it stay that way? If so, for how long? These are some of the questions that they will face as things move forward.

More custody questions

Alright, so now, it's time to dive into this new spoiler clip that was released for this episode.

We've posted it, below, for you guys. It gives us a new look at Nina in action with Valentin, telling him she definitely thinks they did the right thing. Lulu is spotted, asking how her fight with Nina, effects the custody case she's currently in.

There's still lots of doubts

Franco is spotted, questioning Liz's trust in his claim that he didn't kill Tom Baker. Than last, but most certainly not least, we've got Carly, looking all all distraught as hell, telling Sonny she just can't take risking another loved one! Yeah guys. It looks pretty intense, overall. Be sure to check it out, below, and stay tuned.

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