Alright, guys. So here's the deal. We've got three, new storyline teasers to share with you guys, today, for the upcoming "General Hospital" December 6th, 2016 episode. Some of them sound pretty light and cheesy. Then we've got some scenarios that could be very intriguing as well extremely dramatic, because at some point, both Curtis and Jason will find out something that's going to make their jaws drop! We'll see some flashback action that features happier times with Carly and Sonny. Charlotte sparks up some intrigue, and more.

They dream of more pleasant times

These spoilers are courtesy of the TV Guide peeps, so they're quite official. Lets just go ahead and dive right into these new teasers for tomorrow's Tuesday, December 6th installment. It turns out that we're going to see some possible flashback action, take place in a scene that features Carly and Sonny. They describe them as having a moment where they'll be sitting and reminiscing about when times were much happier.

They didn't elaborate on what certain time they may be thinking of or how long they'll be sitting around, wasting time doing this, but that's what'll be going down with them.

It's seem pretty light in comparison to the other 2 scoops we have to share. Heck, it seems light compared to almost anything, really.

There's something about her

Anyways, on to the next reveal. In this one, it turns out that Charlotte will have a bit of intrigue about her when it comes to Lulu as they describe that Lulu is going to have some sort of interest in Charlotte. Again, there was no elaboration about what this interest may entail, but it certainly sounds like it could give us an interesting scene.

Only time will tell.

A discovery of magnitude proportions

Now, this last teaser is, without a doubt, the most interesting of the set as we learn that an extremely major revelation is in effect, and that, at some point, we'll see characters: Curtis and Jason, discover exactly what this revelation is! It'll certainly be interesting to see what they're going to do with this newfound knowledge even though they didn't elaborate on what they actually discover.

They definitely make it sound interesting enough, so we'll see how all of that plays out, hopefully in the next couple of episodes, if not this one, alone. Stay tuned.

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