Hey, "General Hospital" fans. It's a new week, and therefore, we've got some new spoilers scoops for the upcoming Monday, December 5th, 2016 episode to go over. We were able to get our paws on three storyline teasers for it from the folks over at Soaps.com. Plus, the show dropped a new promo/spoiler clip for it on their Youtube channel, so we've got some extra things to say about that. Oh, and don't worry. I have attached the promo video below this article for all of you to enjoy.

A brief overview

The synopsis sounds very interesting and dramatic as a really significant something, gets misplaced by Nelle at some point.

Alexis receives an offer from Julian that will be quite startling, and more! Alright, so here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to go over these plotline reveals in more detail. Then we'll go over the new clip.

They're up to something

To start things off, the December 5th episode is going to serve up a scene that features Jason and Curtis. It turns out that we're going to see these two compare notes at some point. Unfortunately, we got no elaboration about what they'll be swopping notes on, but it certainly sounds like it could be quite interesting.

You can't go losing that type of stuff

Next, we learn that Nelle is going to possibly be in big, big trouble, because it's described that she is going to lose or misplace something that is very valuable.

I can't imagine that she will not face some heavy consequences for that, whatever those consequences may be. We'll see.

A very unexpected scenario

Then the final teaser that was revealed, lets us know that Julian is going to totally startle Alexis at some point by giving her the option of accepting a surprising offer that he has shelled out.

Again, we got no elaboration on what this offer may be, but we do know that it will definitely be very unexpected.

Somebody might get beat up

Alright, so now lets go over this spoiler clip (below) that they dropped. We see some very intense and interesting stuff , take place, as it's revealed that Julian is most definitely hiding something.

Some very important questions get asked. Anna is spotted, inquiring about something. A couple of confrontational scenes are shown, and one of them ends with a threat of physical violence as someone threatens to kick some butt. I found that part to be quite entertaining. Be sure to give that a look-see, below, and stay tuned.

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