Hey, "General Hospital" folks. Yep, the bad news is true. ABC has decided to call it a wrap for your favorite soap for 2016, so the new December 30th, 2016 episode does not exist, which also, of course, means we don't have any spoilers for it. However, we do have some 2017 scoops to share with you guys later on in this article, so yay for that. We're not sure why ABC isn't airing a new episode tomorrow. CBS also pulled this crap with their two popular soaps. The only network that's holding it down ,tomorrow, is NBC with a new "Days of Our Lives" pitch, so they're fans are certainly happy.

They're taking you back to last month

Anyways, the GH time slot is going to be filled with a rerun of the November 14th, 2016 episode tomorrow. It's the one where a very shocking confession was made by Sonny. And Ava gave her good-byes to Morgan. If seeing that all over again, appeals to you in some weird way, be sure to still tune in, but if not, you know what to do.

Nelle is about to get exposed

Alright, now that all that ugly news is out of the way, lets dive into these 2017 spoiler teasers shall we?

Of course we shall. Soaps.com are the wonderful people to thank for these. It turns out that we'll be seeing Bobbie get extremely suspicious of Nelle when she starts bonding and getting much closer to Michael. This will apparently set up a situation which will ultimately expose all of Nelle's past, so it sounds like that whole situation is about to get super serious.

Their crazy search activities

Next, we learn that Curtis, Sam and Jason are going to start dipping their hands in fire and they might get burned.

They will reportedly be on a mad hunt to try and hunt down whoever the culprit is that bombed Julian's car. It sounds like they'll need to be especially careful in this endeavor or they could find themselves up a creek or something.

Alexis' discoveries

On the Alexis front, it turns out that she'll be very busy, searching, as they describe that she is going to eventually dig up some details that happened over the course of this past year.

Unfortunately, they didn't elaborate on exactly what she finds, but it certainly sounds intriguing.

We find out who it is

Along with that, we've got news that we're going to see a major reveal of someone's true identity. This certain someone is none other than the gloved person that's been blowing up Julian's phone as of late. Yep, we're going to finally find out who this freak is, so be on the look out for that in 2017. Alright, that wraps up everything we've got for now, but be sure to check back as we should get those Monday, January 2nd spoilers in by this weekend sometime. Stay tuned.

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