Welcome to Tuesday afternoon "General Hospital" fans. We're back here as promised to make sure you guys get some idea of what's going to happen in the upcoming December 28th, 2016 installment. First, I'd like to thank the wonderful TV Guide and Soapcentral people for providing us with three extremely intriguing storyline scoopers to throw at you. Lets see here. We've got something awful being delivered to Nathan at some point! And poor ole Hayden won't be able to catch a break when it comes to her health, and more.

Will she ever get better?

Lets go ahead and kick off today's spoiler session with poor Hayden's dilemma.

Ok, so here's the deal. We've got TV Guide, explaining that there is going to be some sort of price that Hayden will have to pay to get her recovery, which suggests that she will eventually be able to recover as long as she pays this price that they're speaking of. I'm only guessing, but it sounds like this price, probably won't be something that's easy or nice.

Then we've got sort of a different interpretation, coming from the Soapcentral folks as they explain that her recovery will hit a snag. Now, this form of wording, suggests that she may be on the road to recovery, but that a wrench has been thrown into it. They could both mean the same thing. I just thought that the slightly different wording, was an interesting topic to explore.

We definitely don't know what the hell she's going to have to do in order to fully recover, but she's definitely in for something. I guess the take-away from this, is pray for Hayden if you care.

Someone's in for a world of hurt

Next, we're on to the Nathan script. It sounds like things will get pretty scary, or just really dramatic with him, because they describe that some very devastating news is going to get thrown his way!

What could this terrible intel be? Well, we've got some other info that claims it might have something to do with his past coming back to haunt him, so to speak, as they describe that his past is going to jeopardize his future. So, whichever way you look at this scenario, it doesn't work out well for him.

Poor Nathan.

Kiki's headed for something that can't be resisted

Finally, in this last reveal, we've got Kiki as the main topic of discussion. We've got some really vague intel when it comes to her storyline for tomorrow. It turns out that ole fate will be knocking at her door, and she will just not be able to ward it off, as they describe that she won't be able to fight her fate. They don't elaborate what this conclusion will entail, but it sounds like it could be quite serious, so be on the lookout for that.

Alright, guys. It's been a pleasure, but I must say ado, now, because I'm all out of scoops for today; but I'll certainly be right back here tomorrow to fill you guys in for what Thursday's production has in store.

Stay tuned.

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