Alright, "General Hospital" fans. It's time to go over what's about to take place in the upcoming Monday, December 19th, 2016 episode. We were able to dig up quite a few, new storyline reveals from the people. We got around 4 of them, and some sound pretty dramatic and very intense as we'll see Finn just laying it all on the line for Hayden! Nina tries to expose Lulu's true intentions to Valentin at some point, and more! Oh, and I almost for, we have a preview clip (below) for the episode, so we can give you guys some visuals too.

We'll talk about that in a second.

Lulu and Charlotte get really close

Ok, so in the big week of December 19th, 2016 opener, we're going to see a lot of bonding go down between Charlotte and Lulu as they describe that these two, will actually spend the entire day, hanging out and bonding with each other. Next, we learn that Valentin is going to get some major warning treatment from Nina at some point. Apparently, she'll be trying to warn Valentin about what Lulu is really up to. Will he head Nina's warnings?

That remains to be seen for now.

Will he save her?

In this 3rd reveal, we're told that we're going to see a really major attempt get made by Finn on Hayden's behalf as they describe that he is going to risk absolutely everything to save her life! Will he be able to get the job done? Again, that's another thing we don't know at this time. We're just going to have to watch this thing to find out. The build-up is certainly suspenseful, though.

Tom Baker gets toyed with

Finally, this last written scoop, reveals that we're going to see Franco play a little game with the creepy Tom Baker. They specifically say that he is going to toy with him, so that sounds interesting. Ok, so that's going to do it for the written descriptions.

Anna has found something

Now, lets revisit the preview clip that I spoke of, earlier. In it, we see a scene where Anna is revealing that she's been doing some heavy investigating and has definitely made some major progress.

Next, Lulu is seen, telling Valentin to just give her their daughter, and stay the hell out of their lives forever! She says it with a lot of conviction too, so she's definitely ticked off.

Another scene, reveals that a cure may have been discovered. The clip caps off with begs for help and some other questions getting asked, along with someone appearing to try to escape from a cage. Yeah, that situation doesn't look too good. Be sure to take a look at that, below, and stay tuned.

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