It's that time again, guys. Unfortunately, I have to deliver the bad news that you won't be seeing the new "The Flash" episode 10 of season 3, tonight, because it turns out that episode 9 was, in fact, the show's midseason finale. So, we won't be seeing any new episodes for about a month and half. To be more exact, episode 10 is currently scheduled to show up on January 24th, 2017 in its usual 7pm central time slot, so go ahead and commit that date to memory or jot it down, because it's very important.

Want to watch episode 5 again?

Now, here's what CW will be airing tonight. They've got a rerun all mapped out. It's for the 5th episode of this season, titled: "Monster." It's the one where Caitlin pays her mother a visit in an effort to get help with her Killer Frost powers. If you've seen that one already, you'll mostly likely want to plan something else for your evening. However, if you're lagging behind on this season, it might be a good chance for you to catch up.

Terry Crews is in the house

Next week's line up doesn't look too promising either.

They're going to be abandoning the reruns, altogether, and resorting to some more of their lame Christmas specials. This one is called: "Terry Crews Saves Christmas." And those of you who know who Terry Crews is, knows that a special such as this, truly marks the end of the world. Apparently, he's supposed to help a family plan a game-day Christmas party and what not. Watch if you want. Of course, beyond next week, goes outside of our immediate 13 day range, so it's mystery for now.

It's "Borrowing Problems from The Future"

Now that I've gotten all that nasty, nasty bad news out of the way. I was able to locate a promo/spoiler clip for episode 10 even though the network never posted on their official Youtube channel. I won't be able to post it here, but I can describe the spoilers that it showed. Before I get into that, though. Let me reveal the title of this thing. They're calling it: "Borrowing Problems from the Future." It definitely suggest that some really intriguing stuff will go down.

Barry totally gets pissed at Wally

In the promo clip that I saw, Wally and Barry are spotted, getting back from a run. They're both sporting their Flash outfits. Wally gets congratulated on the supposed good job that he pulled off. However, Barry is seen, looking quite agitated. Later on, we find out that Barry is highly ticked off at him for deciding to take the lead instead of just shadowing him, which they had agreed he would only do. Apparently, Wally did save Barry's life, which makes Barry seem like a real bad guy in this situation. He goes on to tell Wally that if he can't follow orders, the training deal is off!


The clip caps off with this new fumbling version of Harrison Wells that they've decided to go with, interrupting the conversation to get them to head out to some shindig. And things are definitely left unsettled. Again, I wish I could've posted the clip, here, for you guys, but it wasn't shareable like it usually is. It should turn up on Youtube pretty soon, though. Just keep checking for it, and stay tuned.

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