Ok, so this one sounds like it'll be quite the doozy as the new episode 9 of season 3 for FOX's hit drama series "Empire," gives us a new FBI scene that totally puts the Empire company in a huge, heaping steam of hot water, freezing up just about everything they have to work with. We'll also see Cookie, very busy on Angelo's behalf when she gets involved in some politics, and more. The FOX peeps were nice enough to reveal this new intel, via their latest press release for the episode. We got about two interesting plot reveals out of it.

A lot of attention is directed elsewhere

I'll start things off with the title.

They decided to name this edition: "A Furnace For Your Foe." It's one of the more lengthier titles. In the synopsis teasers, they begin things, in all caps, saying that the drama is just going to keep on coming, and they're definitely not joking about that. We learn that we're going to see Cookie be all busy, trying to help out Angelo with his mayor campaign by suggesting he host a free park concert. Cookie thinks this idea will help Angelo stretch his appeal to reach a lot more people and win him a ton of votes.

They're put in extreme jeopardy

Elsewhere, tensions are going to be really high back at the Empire camp, because the FBI is going to keep up their heavy investigative actions into the company.

However, this time, they're going to pull something extra with it, by freezing up all of the company's vital assets! They go on to describe that this very disruptive action is going to certainly serve up some major repercussions for Lucious and company!

This one wraps up the Fall run

Alright, that's going to do it for the synopsis reveals, but we do have some other, very important intel to drop on you guys.

This one is going to be the Fall/Winter finale, which means the show is going to disappear for a while after this airdate. There's a tentative return date, set for like March 22nd, 2017. That could change, though. But that's what we're looking at, right now. The upcoming promo clip should confirm it.

A new Lee Daniel's show is dropping

Additionally, episode 9 is confirmed to definitely air Next Wednesday night, December 14th. However, it's time slot is getting bumped into the 7pm central time slot, so they can show the big premiere of Lee Daniel's other new show, called: "Star." It looks like it's going to revolve around the hip hop music world just like "Empire" and just feature different characters, of course. It seems like it'll be interesting. It's going to air in the 8pm central time slot, right after "Empire." So, just be sure to make note of that on your TV schedules, and stay tuned.

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