Hey, guys. I'm sorry to have to tell you that if you're looking for the new Empire episode 10 spoilers for season 3, you're going to be fresh out of luck, tonight. It turns out that episode 9 was, indeed, the show's midseason closer, so FOX won't be serving up their usual press release spoilers for this one yet. They always do this when a big, long extended break happens, because I guess, they feel they have plenty of time to get it out there, or maybe it's because the show is still filming and hasn't currently supplied them with the next episode's synopsis.

Whatever the case, it all adds up to the same, unfortunate conclusion.

We got about 3 months

According to the schedule that I'm looking at, we won't be seeing the new episode 10 until March 22nd, 2017, so be sure to mark that date down, because you'll most likely forget it in that long layoff. We can tell you that next week, Fox will just be airing an encore rerun of Lee Daniel's new show: "Star," which seems odd, considering that the show is just debuting tonight. Maybe it's because of the holidays.

Who knows?

It's "Keys to The Kingdom"

Getting back to Empire, we do have a title for the show's 10th, upcoming installment. They decided to go with: "Keys To The Kingdom" as a name. Once again, we're hoping that FOX will drop a new promo/spoiler clip right after episode 9 airs tonight as it should give us some new spoiler scoopage to work with. You guys will definitely want to be on the lookout for that.

Club goers and police officers

Since, there are currently no official, new details out for the show's future plotlines, we had to resort to some casting calls that have recently been released. It turns out that we're going to to see some new scenes that involve trendy urban club goers and a swarm of police offers. They're looking to cast males and females, ages 28-40 of any ethnicity to play trendy, hip New York type characters.

As for the police offer roles, they want males of any ethnicity, ages 25 to 55 years old. These are non-union extra roles, so nothing really big here, but it's better than nothing I suppose. Anyways, stay tuned.

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