Yep, it's unfortunately true fellow "Empire" fans, and this time, it's freaking huge. Your favorite show is currently removed from the FOX line-up for a whopping three months, so it will not be airing the new episode 10 of season 3 tonight. Apparently, it's one the shows that likes to just take an extremely long break after their midseason finale. There's not that many of them that do this, but unfortunately, they land in that rare category.

We know when it's coming back

We have the exact return date for you guys.

Get something to write with. Drum roll please. Ok, episode 10 is set to hit the airwaves on Wednesday night, March 22nd, 2017 at 8pm central time. Again, make note of that, because three months is a freaking long time, and you'll probably forget all about it. That's the problem with these long breaks that they take.

Lee Daniels' other show, takes over

Anyways, here's what FOX has lined up, tonight. It turns out that they're going to re-air the premiere of Lee Daniels' other drama: "Star." You guys might want to tune in to that if you didn't get a chance to check it out during its first airing.

I have yet to check it out, but it's on my to-do list, because the promos look pretty good. Then, next week, FOX is going to totally fill their primetime line-up with College football games. And after that, we don't know, right now, because our schedule only covers the immediate 13 days.

A look into the future

Alright, so enough of all that bad news. FOX did do something good by giving us a new promo clip, last week.

It's not necessarily for the episode 10, exclusively. Rather, it gives us a glimpse of a few scenes that we can expect to see in the back half of this season. The scenes that you'll see in it, could land in any of the remaining episodes for the 2nd half. Currently, we only have a confirmation of about 18 total episodes for this season. The only thing that could possibly change that, is if FOX suddenly orders some extra episodes.

This ,most likely, explains why they're taking such a long break. Oh, I almost forgot. We have a title for the 10th installment. It's called: "Keys to The Kingdom."

In the clip, we really aren't shown much at all, which is a disappointment, actually. We just see a couple of flurry shots that feature main characters: Cookie, Lucious, Andre, Jamal and Hakeem. It caps off with a preview of the new "Star" show too. Check it out, below, if you want, and stay tuned.

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