That's right "Elementary" fans. It's unfortunate, but very true. Your favorite show has decided to take a leave of absence and are in the midst of a two week break, so the new episode 11 of season 5 will not be airing, tonight. I'm about 99.9 percent sure that this has to due with the Christmas and New Year holidays. It happens every year, so it's definitely no shocker. What would've been shocking, is if they decided to go ahead and run new episodes, despite the holidays. It's sad, but true.

Here's when you can watch it

Anyways, you guys can expect to see the new episode 11, make it's big debut on Sunday night, January 8th, 2017 in the 9pm central time slot, so be sure to definitely make note of that, so you don't miss out. As for what CBS has mapped out for tonight. It turns out that they will be airing a rerun of their new remake show, "MacGyver." It's the episode entitled; "Toothpick." Who knows? You might find it entertaining, but if not, you know what to do.

Next week's outlook has an airing of "Pure Genius" in Elementary's time slot.

However, it's only going to take up about half of that hour due to a lapse in schedule. They'll fill that last 30 minutes up with a rerun of "NCIS: Los Angeles." So, definitely make sure you're prepared for that.

It's going to "Be My Guest"

Okay, so now that we've got the less pleasant news out of the way, lets go over some of the good news that we have for you. CBS did go ahead and deliver the press release spoilers for episode 11, starting with the title, which is called: "Be My Guest." This is, no doubt, some sort of twisted word play on the main premise, which describes that a woman has been held captive for many years.

A twisted kidnapper

In the official description, we learn that we're going to see a very horrible situation going on with a vicious kidnapper. Apparently, this person has been holding a poor woman captive for years. Unfortunately, they don't specify how many years, but heck, one year is one too many, right?

They go on to reveal that this kidnapper is about to take some extreme measures to make sure they don't get caught, thus prompting Sherlock and Watson to take some very quick, investigative actions to locate this lady before time runs out!

They put this storyline in all-caps, so it sounds like it'll definitely be the main focus.

Shinwell works Watson's last nerve

However, we do have a second plotline scoop. In it, we'll see Shinwell be very difficult, refusing to give proper attention to Holmes and Watson's informant training. This lack of focus, is going to stir up some heavy drama when it heavily pisses off Watson. We don't know if this will result in some confrontation action, but it certainly sounds like it could. Some production credits, reveal that Jason Tracey was responsible for penning this one, and Maja Vrvilo handled the directorial duties for it.

Stay tuned.

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