Alright, so it sounds like major drama is about to happen in this new episode 10 of season 1 for ABC's hit drama: "Designated Survivor" as shocking intel, surfaces that could be connected with the recent bombing of the Capitol! A big secret investigation into the matter, gets launched. MacLeish's vice presidential nomination gets called into question, and more! These synopsis spoilers are courtesy of the kind people over at ABC. They offered up a press release that delivers about three, significant storyline teasers.

Fear and worry get heightened in the White House

It also reveals that "The Oath" is what the producers came up with as a title for this 10th installment. According to the plot summary description, we're going to see a lot of fear and worry, enter President Kirkman's head at some point, thinking that there may be a traitor in the midst! Apparently, he has found out that some very startling information has come out, and it's connected with the Capitol bombing situation! They put this part of the synopsis in all caps, so look for this to ,most likely, be one of the main storylines in this one.

Emily is put in charge

Next, we learn that in light of this new, disturbing intel, Kirkman is going to confide in Emily and put her in charge of quietly launching an investigation into this very urgent case. Elsewhere, it's revealed that we'll see Congressman MacLeish's recent vice presidential nomination get called into serious question after some new intel about him, gets brought to light. So, yeah.

It definitely sounds like this installment will be offering up some very entertaining scenes to say thee least. Some production credits, reveal that Fred Toye directed this episode, and David Giggenheim wrote it.

Alright, that's going to wrap it up for this week's big press release spoiler reveal. However, there may be a chance for you guys to see more intel about it by checking for the new promo/spoiler clip that ABC should be dropping after episode 9 finishes up, tonight.

Also, the press release has confirmed that there will be no surprise breaks or anything, next week, so you can expect episode 10 to air on Wednesday night, December 14th in the same 9pm central time slot. Stay tuned.

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